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As I sit in Chipotle with a bunch of my sorority sisters, my jaw drops at some of the food people put into their mouths. I will not deny that every time I go to Chipotle I want a burrito the size of my face, but instead I settled for a burrito bowl, which is bigger than my face (but less calories).

Being a young adult we have to start watching what we put in our mouths (yes, that means put the beer down it’s Tuesday) because everything is going to start catching up to us. As a poor college student, organic and high priced food isn’t within our budget, so most of us find ourselves settling for the greasy, fat filled food on Marshall Street.

Because I’m a really, really nice person I’m going to provide you my favorite alternatives for my favorite restaurants on Marshall. Hopefully this will help prevent you from time you are heading down for lunch or dinner, you are not consuming the calories for an elephant.

#1. Chipotle
Like I mentioned before, I have a weak spot for Chipotle, so I had to teach myself to eat there without overdosing on calories. Instead of ordering a burrito you can order a burrito bowl – cutting out the carbs from the tortilla. If you want to further the calorie cut, you can replace the rice on the bottom with shredded lettuce. I know that the rice tastes almost orgasmic but I can assure you that it will not look too good on your hips. So now you have cut out the tortilla and rice, which counts for approximately 300 and 250 calories respectively. WOAH. Now it’s doesn’t seem THAT bad and you won’t feel as guilty after you devour the entire thing in five minutes.

#2. Starbucks
Where would the world be without Starbucks? I don’t know if I would even make it out of bed without it. Although it may help jumpstart your day, that doesn’t mean it can replace a “nutritionally balanced breakfast.” Most, if not all, drinks from here contain excessive amounts of sugar and fat from whip creams, caramel and chocolate toppings. Instead of ordering your usual, try ordering a skinny version, which contains sugar free syrup, no whip and fat-free milk. If you want to be SUPER healthy or you are a lact-tard (lactose intolerant, like me) ask for soymilk and you will be cutting even more calories! Woohoo.

#3. Jimmy Johns
Oh Jimmy and I go way back. No lie I think I ordered from here about 50 times last year… and I wonder why my ass doesn’t fit into last year’s summer clothes… Awkward. Anyways this article is about you, not me. To help cut the calories at Jimmy you can choose two different options. Option 1, you can replace the white bread with the wheat bread or lettuce to make an unwich, which is a sandwich wrapper with lettuce. Option 2, you can ask for no mayonnaise, which can lower the calorie count by 300! That’s a lot of calories for a little lube action on your sandwich.

Obviously there are hundreds of ways to cut calories and eat healthier on Marshall Street but I find these three most useful for myself. Just remember that all of those extra toppings and breads will add calories onto your meal quickly. I am not saying you cannot eat them ever again (unless you want to stay fluffy), but try to think about what you are putting in your mouth and how you can make it just a little bit healthier.

I promise, your body will thank you later when you won’t need someone to sponge bathe you because you are immobile and fat from those late night beach clubs from Jimmy.’s

-Chelsey Perry

Being Sick Sucks

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This past week we have witnessed, yet again, the indecisive weather of Syracuse, NY. We spent our Sunday bundled in pants and sweatshirts, only to find ourselves in tank tops and shorts on Wednesday. Yeah it’s nice to have a random 90 degree day in the middle of September, but to be honest, it’s not very good for your health (and neither are those quesadillas you eat from Schine’s Cafe).

So to help you all stay above the weather, I have put together the top five, best ways to avoid catching the cold this fall.

#1. Wash your hands
Everything that you touch is carrying hundreds and hundreds of germs. The door handles in Schine? Infested. The bathroom door? Even more infested. Don’t be that girl who tries to sneak her way out of the bathroom without anybody noticing she didn’t wash her hands. It is as simple as carrying around portable hand sanitizer and you’re good to go.

#2. Stay away
Even if your best friend in the entire world has been sniffling the past few days, do not, I repeat, DO NOT share a drink with her. There is no better way of catching a cold than sharing, touching, kissing or breathing the same air as someone who is already under the weather.

#3. Sleep
If your body is tired, it is harder to fight off those nasty little germs who will gladly take over. It is recommended to get at least six to eight hours of sleep a night – not only will sleep help you stay healthy, but it will make sure those bags under your eyes don’t get any bigger.

#4. Get the shot
In about a month you can walk right down to the health center to receive a free flu-shot. You’d think they would give us something more exciting after all of the money we shell out for this campus. Anyways, it’s as simple as that and if you are afraid of needles, like myself, well then your shit out of luck.

#5. Get your butt to the gym
There is nothing better for your immune system than a hot, sweaty workout at the gym… or in bed. Look at it this way, not only will you be fighting off any germs that make their way into your body, but you are going to tone up the body you hide under large sweaters all winter. Win-win.

Happy cold season and may the odds be ever in your favor!

-Chelsey Perry

Superfoods for the Healthy JERK

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We’ve all heard the rants and questions about the food pyramid and how you should eat every day, but lets face it – no one really pays attention to the food charts. Hell, as college students we’re lucky if we eat something other than bread and pastas.

If you’re like me, you research and find blogs about food and wellness, but saving recipes and suggestions on what you should be doing to your toolbar only goes so far. You actually have to put the food in your mouth and do it frequently, I know, we’re all still catching on to this.

To help you find easy and practical things to eat, I’ve made up a list of superfoods you can eat regularly that are tasty.

Don’t worry; these berries won’t cause an oompa-loompa-like reaction. In fact, they’re nutritional superstars, filled with fiber, vitamin C, and cancer-fighting compounds.Studies suggest blueberries may even improve memory.

Green Tea
This ages-old health secret has been used as a natural remedy for everything from cancer to heart disease! The secret to this delicious drink? Antioxidants! The main superhero here is Epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG, a phytochemical that slows irregular cell growth, which could potentially help prevent the growth of some cancers.

Vitamin C is the superstar of this superfood. Just one cup of these red beauties satisfies the daily requirement for vitamin C (74 milligrams per day for women, 90 for men)! Studies suggest the antioxidant helps build and repair the body’s tissues, boosts immunity, and fights excess free radical damage. And the vitamin C in strawberries could help promote healthy eye function.

These lil’ nuts are hiding lots of protein and fiber behind their earthy flavor and nutty crunch. Plus, they’re naturally cholesterol-free. A one-ounce serving of these nuts has almost as much potassium as one small banana.

Low in sugar and high in vitamins A and C, this summer treat is the prefect fresh, low-calorie snack. Studies suggest watermelon could also potentially lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. And the lycopene in watermelon could help protect the body from UV rays and cancer.

There are several other superfoods out there but these are my favorites.

Snack on!

*all summaries courtesy of

-Brooke Leone

Everyone is looking for ways to lose weight even if it looks, sounds, is obnoxious. Oh hey drink this “smoothie” and stand on your head I swear it works. Okay well I’ve never heard that one but come on you know what I’m talking about. Crazy ideas and routines to do to shed those extra pounds that probably will come right back after you quit what you’re doing. And please, quit, because what you’re doing is probably not healthy or just makes you look like a fool anyway.

Yet, these people took exercise to the next level. The corporate level. Who thought turning your desk into a treadmill would work? This guy.

Craig Engler saw how working out wasn’t fitting into his schedule and took it to the extreme. Not only did he start working out, but also started exercising during work hours. How? By turning his desk into a treadmill or turning his treadmill into a desk, whichever way. By walking or jogging during work he lost roughly 65 pounds. Congrats.

Now to me this is a little extreme. I get bringing the gym to you and adding it into your work time so you don’t have to go to the gym but spending over $1000 on it? No fucking way. If you have money to do this and really care that much then be my guest but seriously walk to the gym or go run around the block a few times a week. That’s free.

Other people have tried the recent bandwagon switch to sitting on an exercise ball at work instead of an office chair. This does burn a few more calories than sitting in a chair but as recent doctors have discussed it has a higher risk of injury. As discussed in an article on the New York Times Health page, The Claim: Replacing Your Desk Chair With an Exercise Ball can Improve Your Posture, studies show more slumping and slouching on the ball than in a regular chair.

As stated in the article by Anahad O’Connor, “A study last year, by Dutch researchers, compared workers who did hour-long typing tasks on exercise balls and while seated in office chairs with armrests. The balls produced more muscle activity and 33 percent more ‘trunk motion.’ But they also produced more spinal shrinkage.” So I guess changing up your work environment isn’t always the best thing.

When deciding to change something in your life, even if it is just a chair, make sure it is for the best and will not harm your body or work ethic in the process.

-Brooke Leone

People of Iron

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by Beatrice Schachenmayr

Lake Placid’s population has doubled in a mere two days. Athletes have arrived with their families and professionals have returned to compete in their seventh Ironman triathlon. Tourists are enthusiastic to visit the town at full capacity while locals are exhausted from working double shifts.

It’s as if the village is undergoing a serious operation – roads are closed for the race, bike traffic is nonsensical, signs of encouragement crowd the roadsides, colorful chalk is smeared throughout the paved course, shirts and trinkets are distributed among athletes and families in the Iron Village (what is normally the oval), and there is a seemingly endless wait for a table at any restaurant on Main Street. It’s a forty-eight hour transformation.

Energized, enthusiastic athletes, fitted with their blue bands, anticipate the gun sound on Sunday morning that signals the start of the race. Saturday night the town is quiet. Athletes are asleep after having indulged in a two thousand calories meal of carbohydrates and families are resting for a day filled with cheering and commotion.

The gun sounds. Twenty-five hundred athletes flail their arms and kick their feet, trying to defend themselves in the water. They’ve literally launched themselves into a commitment of exhaustion, many of them dropping pounds as they get closer to the finish. Not all racers finish the swim and many miss the time cut and aren’t permitted to continue but those are simply the rules of the sport.

And come Monday morning cars are fully loaded with equipment, families have lost their voices, and athletes are aching and proud. Those who finished have proved themselves to have the strength to swim 2.4 miles, bike 126, and run 26.9.

-Beatrice Schachenmayr

Why the fuck is it so hot this summer already? Seriously, this is ridiculous.

I was just browsing through my saved blog posts and such today and found this snazzy little article. If you’re like me, you hate drinking water all the time, especially the recommended 8 glasses a day, if you do this then you deserve an award because I can’t make it a week.

I usually brew up some black tea to help get the water into my system, but here are a few other recipes to help stay hydrated and fit without the calories from

1. Passion Fruit Smoothie
Ingredients: 1 cup of chilled low fat milk
2,8 oz (80 grams) of chilled low fat yoghurt (unflavored or vanilla)
1 tbsp of honey
1 mango
1 passion fruit

Instructions: Clean and slice your fruits, throw them in a food processor along with the rest of ingredients and blend until smooth. Yup, it’s that simple!

2. Mint Iced Tea
Ingredients: 2 satchels of mint tea
500milliliters (about 17oz) of water
½ lemon
1 tablespoon of honey

Instructions: Brew mint tea, add honey and let the mixture cool down before adding the juice of ½ lemon (I prefer adding zest as well but you can skip it in case strong citrus flavors are simply not your cup of tea). Once you’re done, your tea is ready to spend a couple of hours chilling in the fridge.

3. Watermelon and Strawberry Sorbet
Ingredients: 100grams (1/2cup) of chopped strawberries
400 grams (2 cups) of chopped watermelon

Instructions: Freeze your fruit solid before throwing them into a food processor or, in case you don’t have a couple of hours to spare use fresh fruit but add 7-10 ice cubes. Blend until slushy and – Voila! Now, could a healthy drink recipe get any simpler?

4. Watermelon Lemonade
Ingredients: 4 cups of watermelon cubes
Juice from three (3) lemons
Crushed ice

Instructions: Mash or process your watermelon cubes until they turn into paste then add lemon juice and crushed ice! No need to add sugar although you could get away with just a pinch or two, just in case you have a serious sweet tooth.

Hopefully this brightens up your summer months.

-Brooke Leone

It’s 12am. You have an essay due at the start of an 8am class…today, and if you are anything like me, you will turn to food right now. Lots of food.

I often wonder as I am shove handfuls of “healthy” granola down my throat, if I am just asking to gain some jean sizes. Isn’t snacking supposed to be good for your metabolism? Does this change at night?

Articles such as, “Midnight Snack Won’t Pack Fat” suggest that our bodies can’t tell time, so don’t worry about late night munchies as long as they are healthy. However, this conclusion was made based on a study that used monkeys as the test subjects.

When it comes to fifty two human samples however, results showed in an Obesity journal study that eating late can lead to weight gain. Those who ate after 8pm gained more weight than those who stopped eating earlier. The cause is still uncertain, but it could be connected to the fact that the late-eating human guinea-pigs got less sleep and thus had slower metabolisms.

Eating certain foods late at night interferes heavily with your sleeping pattern. Like fuel in a car, sleep powers our fat-burning metabolisms. So if you want to get more of this fat-burning tool, avoid these foods according to Dr. Oz to get a good night’s rest:

The Sugary and Spicy: Yes, the good stuff. Obviously cakes and cookies (even Insomnia cookies, but I’ll admit they may be worth the extra pounds). Even my granola cereal contains so much sugar that it will cause a spike in energy that disrupts my sleep. Spicy foods can help you burn calories during the day, but stimulate your senses at night, making it much harder to sleep.

Meat: Red meat is the worst, but all animal-originating proteins tend to sit in your stomach and be tough for your body to digest.

Citrus Fruits: Oranges and lemons can be great tools for losing weight during the day, but at night they can lead to indigestion and more trouble sleeping.

Dr. Oz recommends not eating anything two hours before you plan on going to sleep to eliminate any chance of gaining weight. However, if you are like me and often just need something to nibble to get you through your work, you are not completely doomed.  Here are some healthy snacks that shouldn’t completely sabotage your diet if you keep them under 200 calories, according to Dr. Oz.

  • 1 Cup of Greek Yogurt with Blueberries
  • Sliced carrots with humus
  • A bowl of oatmeal with low-fat milk
  • 1 Banana with low fat peanut butter (The potassium and magnesium in the banana will relax your muscles after a long day)
  • An apple with almond butter

The bottom line is that it’s best not to eat late at night, especially if you’re going to be laying down shortly after. But, nobody is perfect. (especially when on a diet) So don’t fret if you really must indulge in that 1am snack to get your work done. If you are working that hard, you probably deserve it anyway.

-Shannon Hazlitt