GO VEGAN! Syracuse Edition

Posted: July 19, 2012 by jerkmag in CRISP -- health, ZONE -- syracuse

When coming to Syracuse, like all students I’m sure, I had a list of goals I wanted to accomplish. Most were involving school; do better, get a 4.0, cut down on the beer pong, etc. But, one of those goals was to become vegan. Now, to explain, becoming vegan wasn’t because it was hipster-esque, but rather something in my life that I could control with the stress of school, homesickness, and dealing with social life while not eating an animal who has been turned into my food. Being at Syracuse and going vegan for a short time, I found some loops and ties on a short budget that will help you eat healthier and go vegan:

Going Out (Marshall):

$ Starbucks: Starbucks has and will always be my vice. There are tons of vegan options, but the ones I chose weren’t the dry, black coffee.
Favorite Vegan Option: Regular iced coffee, soy milk, 1 shot of vanilla syrup.
Runner up: A Café au Lait with soy and raspberry syrup.

$ Boba: Boba is hard, the tapioca has slight milk in it so, I couldn’t get anything with tapioca, but the smoothies, oh yeah.
Favorite Vegan Option: Passion fruit smoothie.
Runner up: Lavender tea with no cream/soy

$$ Pita el Saha/Pita Pit: Now, Pita, aside from Starbucks, is also my vice. Every day I had a pita. They have tons of options!
Favorite Vegan Option: White Pita with all veggies and hummus.
Runner up: Hot sauce with veggie pita.

$$ Chipotle: When you are vegan, Chipotle is your best friend. Coming from the West Coast, I thrive on spicy foods so when I saw that Syracuse had Chipotle, I went ape shit.
Favorite Vegan Option: Veggie bowl with hot sauce and lots of pico de gallo.
Runner up: Chips and veggie bowl with hot sauce.

$$ Jimmy Johns: This place is hard, a lot of their breads have milk but believe it or not, they’re all different. The one here in SaltLake uses a different recipe since the owner’s wife is vegan. So, I was unsure and just stuck with the online recipes.
Favorite Vegan Option: Veggie sandwich, no mayo, with vinegar on rye.
Runner up: Salt and Vinegar chips…mmm, damn.

Dining Hall: Now, tips that I found were just by asking. Unless the cook is an angry freshman, you should be fine on trusting their judgment. Here are tips when vegan in the dining hall:

1) BY ALL MEANS, AVOID THE MAIN LINE. Usually when its beef and broccoli night or London broil, there are veggies. Though, they are vegan themselves, the cooking oil they use is not. Some of the veggies are cooked with meat grease, just a little, but if you’re as crazy as I am, you should just avoid it.

2) The salad bar=your best friend

3) Don’t be scared of the veggie burgers, when cooked at Shaw Hall, it’s amazing.

4) Pack n’ go: If you are on the move, bring baggies with you for veggies. Trusting other places is hard and finding Vegan options is even harder.

5) $$ Go to CVS: I only got $25 a week from my mom, which was my only income. I found options that were vegan and could be made. Just, make sure they’re microwaveable.

As much as I miss being Vegan, it was tough. Though, with the time, effort, and research it becomes a quick habit, can be cleansing and make your body stronger. Go Vegan.

-Lakota Sky Gambill

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