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It’s midterm time, aka, a good time to get shit together.  If you are anything like me – this is not an easy task. I often find that by the middle of the semester I feel like I am constantly being pulled in a million different directions WHICH usually means – I don’t actually end up going in any direction. This is not exactly the best state of mind to be in the night before you have a test that is 30 percent of your  grade.

So my gift to you (and myself) is a place where you can hopefully find some focus. At least I think some of these tips have helped me. They may seem a bit like common sense or redundant, but one of the tips, “create a place by the door,” has helped me. I used to just throw my lanyard with my keys somewhere in the clutter of my desk. Now, I’ve found that I can save a lot of time that would have been spent digging though papers on my desk by hanging my lanyard on a hook by my dorm door.

Even though this article may seem as if it’s aimed at middle aged women, I think that pretty much anyone can benefit from these tips. If you don’t believe me, see for yourself. I dare you to try one. I mean, even if reading this takes time away from your studying, it’s probably more productive than Facebook and/or Twitter.

– Shannon Hazlitt

Where Cool Things Happen” could also be called, “A Perfect Stumbles.” There is just something about these bizarre but spectacular shots that will catch your interest for some time.

This site includes 15 Perfectly Timed Photos that are almost too coincidental to be true.  These photographers must have been pretty dedicated; or they must have really good timing. No need for photo-shopping with these. I bet Lady Gaga and some other commonly photo-shopped starts are a bit jealous.

So if your bored, why not use your cell phone for something other than angry birds and try to snap some shots like these?

Or you could check out the CoolFoods category and prepare an Aurora Borealis Glow in the Dark Cocktail.

You can also check out some interesting places to have dinner…like a restaurant in a waterfall.

Some interesting gadgets on the market now and coming out soon, may also catch your eye. Take this literally and check out  these glasses that send you social media updates in the corner of your vision while you are wearing them (and that’s not all…)

There are plenty of other interesting categories, such as cooltransit (with an air-powered car), coolart, coolstays (hotels and other vacation destinations), and cooladvertisements.

Despite the corny category names, I’d say most of the stuff in these categories is legit cool. But don’t take my word for it; Stumble upon it for yourself.

– Shannon Hazlitt


“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible,”

~Walt Disney


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Want a workout that can give you abs in 10 seconds?

So do I, but this one does take a little more time. However, you only need to hold each pose for 5- 10 counts and do three repositions of each.

Oh and there are only five moves. I’m pretty bad at math, but it seems like that’s a pretty speedy way to get a core. For those of you who are even worse at math than me (although part of me doesn’t think you exist) this workout is 90 seconds max.

I also actually think it works because I’ve done a couple of the moves sporadically on my own for longer sets and seen some results.

One more plug for this workout- it’s yoga so you can get abs while you’re distressing. I’d say this is one of those workouts you want to make time for  and the good news is – it’s not even that much time.

Oh, by the way. I also stumbled upon (see what I did there) these while roaming the internet. If these can’t get your boy’s interest, I don’t know what will.

-Shannon Hazlitt

The talent for being happy is appreciating and liking what you have, instead of what you don’t have. 

I couldn’t agree with these more—and that there is a list that has been made to spell it out to the fellas out there. Okay, some skills like “run rapids in a canoe ,” and “tackle steep drops on a mountain bike,” may be a bit extreme (although I am not going to argue with any man who has those skills), for the most part I think these skills will come in handy (even though I am not a guy, I’ve had a couple in my life so I think I have an idea). I think that woman should also have most of these skills too, honestly, so we can help the guys who don’t take a look at this list.

-Shannon Hazlitt

“Simplicity is the key to brilliance.”

-Shannon Hazlitt

Hey Jerks! I’m Shannon Hazlitt. I started blogging for Jerk over the summer when I wasn’t busy serving wine slushies at my other job (I know, you’re jealous). I love stumbling upon good stuff on the internet and little nuggets of knowledge from people smarter than me, so hopefully you will be enlightened if you check out my work in Words O’ Wisdom and Stumbled. For now, here is a little bit about me

Year and Major: I’m a sophomore magazine major unfortunately graduating early in 2014 (Who doesn’t want to stay at Cuse?)

Hometown: I’m from Hector, N.Y. near Ithaca, where there are shirts that literally say “Where the Hector are We?”

Most Embarrassing Moment: I have too many to choose from.

The Biggest Lie I’ve Gotten Away With: I’m still getting away with it.

Feel free to check me out on Twitter @ShanHazlitt and contact with me any suggestions on my work. I promise I can take some criticism and I love hearing from my fellow Jerks. Peace.

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If you’ve been out of town all summer, expect to see some major changes to Carousel Mall. Er, Destiny USA.

Yup, you’ve heard right. The mall with the giant carousel at its core is no longer referred to as “Carousel Mall”. Even the signs on the expressways have changed. Welcome all, to “Destiny USA.”

If you’re wondering what that means for our beloved Carousel, it means the mall is getting a much needed face-lift and some impressive additions.

However, the make over and expansion will not make Destiny USA the biggest mall in the nation as the Pyramid Cos. developers once fantasized.

An indoor canal with boats, a re-creation of a Tuscan village, and rooftop parks are just some of the proposed attractions that will not fit the budget, despite a 30-year tax exemption granted by the city of Syracuse.

Some taxpayers are rightfully disappointed and even miffed by the downgrade of the remodeling. Destiny executives are defending the renovation by predicting it could make the shopping center the second most-visited mall in the nation by attracting more Canadian shoppers. A.K.A., more tour busses parked outside of Panera, so watch out for parking.

Here’s a list of what’s already opened, followed by what the developers are planning to open within the next few months.

  • Just opened: a classy Cantina Laredo Mexican restaurant, a fondue-oriented restaurant The Melting Pot, and Sak Fifth Ave. Off Fifth luxury retail outlet.
  • Opening this fall: A new Apple store; a new Burlington Coat Factory store (across from DSW on the lower level of the mall–finally something else down there!); A new Regal movie theatre that includes an IMAX theatre and a high-end digital movie palace; A town square type area called “The Canyon” with upscale dining areas; upscale restaurants P.F. Chang’s China Bistro and Gordon Biersch Brewery.

Possibly the most expansive innovation scheduled to open in November is an interactive, scientific-oriented “amusement park for the mind” called WonderWorks The 40,000 square foot facility will open on the third level of Destiny USA. A ropes course and laser tag are among 100 other interactive and educational experiences people of all ages can enjoy at the facility. It’s the first WonderWorks located inside of a mall (Others are located in Myrtle Beach, S.C., and Orlando, FL)

Wait, there’s more (with opening dates TBA):

  • Aja: a dance/nightclub
  • Texas de Brazil: a Brazillian steakhouse
  • Pole Position Raceway: an indoor electric go-kart course
  • Toby Keith’s I Love this Bar and Grill restaurant and nightclub
  • Funny Bones Comedy Club : showroom and bar

Sound awesome? I think maybe a bit too good to be true with this economy, but I could be wrong.

To follow the development of Destiny USA and see what is opening and when, click here.

-Shannon Hazlitt

Good news: People may soon be able to swim in Onondaga lake without growing an extra limb!

How is this possible, after over 125 years of industrial and chemical operations using the lake as a dumpster for pesticides and heavy metals like lead, cobalt, and mercury?

The new dredging project led by Honeywell International could be part of the answer. Dredging basically involves scooping-up the contaminated dirt in the bottom of the lake and pumping it away.

This process may sound simple, but it will take the efforts of over 500 local scientists, engineers, and skilled craft laborers.

The project has been underway since 2005, but the newest phase where sludge is actually being pumped from the bottom of the lake began June 30th.

That huge crane contraption that looks like it is producing some top-secret government missile is actually Honeywell’s dredge. Named Marlin, it will dig as much as 9 feet in some areas to remove lake bottom contaminated with heavy metals and other chemicals. After the pollutants are scooped out, pipes will carry them four miles to a disposal site in Camillus, New York.

Marlin and three smaller dredges will help dispose of some 2 million cubic yards of polluted sediment. The dredging process is expected to last four years

A 5 year capping process will follow the dredging and replace the polluted lake bottom with enough fresh, uncontaminated material to fill two Carrier domes.

You can see the huge piles of sand and gravel just south of Exit 7 now that will be used in the capping process. This lifeless material will create a base for large stones and logs added after the capping to house fish.

For the first two years, the cleanup will focus on the southern side of the lake off I-690 West. The entire project is expected to last until 2016.

Of course SUNY ESF has something to do with this. Its role with Honeywell involves restoring wetlands around the lake that are essential to its recovery. This will involve planting 1.2 million shrubs, trees, and other plants.

So that you can marvel at all Honeywell is doing to cleanup the lake (and feel empowered to buy more of their products, of course), part of the project also involves constructing an observation deck near Exit 7.

Honeywell may not be doing this cleanup entirely for PR, however. The dredging process alone will cost the company $500 million. Honeywell has also done their homework. The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), the federal Environmental Protection Agency, and the Department of Health have approved every aspect of the project.

So although Marlin may not be the best looking addition to the lake now, it will hopefully help revive it as a source of pride for the community.

– Shannon Hazlitt