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Last night, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama opened the One World Concert with his peaceful, spiritual charm, his contagious laugh and the Syracuse Orange visor he wore for his entire speech.

Prior to admitting that he is not the right person to ask how music affects the soul because he simply “is not interested in music,” he spoke on the idea of teaching our younger generation morality through education.

“Our system is lacking moral education,” he says as the crowd applauded in approval. His Holiness stressed that religion is and will never be a universal form of teaching morality, but education can, and each of us have the potential to help fix this issue. With education, he says that we can use science and purpose as a method of instilling this idea among our youth.

His Holiness concluded his speech around 8:50pm (which was well past his 7pm bedtime) and Whoopi Goldberg took the stage as emcee. After cracking a few jokes and warming up the crowd Whoopi introduced all of the night’s performers. Once they were all on stage, they proceeded to play a rendition of John Lennon’s “Imagine” to celebrate and remember his birthday. There are hardly any words to describe the experience – having this performance follow the Dalai Lama had emotions running high. I found myself tearing up and chills running down my spine while feeling empowered and motivated to make a difference in the world. I’m sure this was an experience that everyone in the Dome that night won’t forget.

Following the united performance, artists such as Dave Matthews, Natasha Bedingfield, Phillip Phillips, Matisyahu, Nelly Furtado, and many more performed number one singles that pictured the idea of peace, acceptance, strength and forgiveness. One by one, each song seemed to swell the emotions of the crowd. Dave performed his recent single “Mercy,” after confessing that he has taken a lot of his better lyrics from His Holiness. Matisyahu sang “One Day,” which expresses hope for a day where there would be no wars and all of our children would be able to play together without discrimination, hate and violence. Clearly reflecting the ideas of the Dalai Lama, Matisyahu seemed to hit home. The crowd continued to roar with excitement when artist Andy Grammer, American Idol winner, ran through the audience during his hit single “Keep Your Head Up.” The inspiration did not stop here, the concert was expected to end at 11 PM but instead lasted until 11:46 with no sign of the crowd losing their energy.

Even though each artist moved us with their music, before the concert, singer Natasha Bedingfield said “I think music is quite a powerful thing, it crosses cultural boundaries, it speaks in different languages and touches you in a way even if you don’t understand what they are singing about, you can feel the emotion.” What Natasha said truly summed up the entire concert before it even happened. Even if you had never heard the songs played that night or understood the language they were singing in, you felt those same emotions that every other person felt at that moment in time.

After all of the moving songs and speeches given by the artists and the Dalai Lama, I want to leave you with one statement by His Holiness that I hope every person took from that night –

“You should not consider tolerance and forgiveness as a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength.”

-Chelsey Perry

Editors Note: Unfortunately, this article was a victim of oversight. I apologize for the lateness to Chelsey and the readers for the delay in releasing our coverage of the One World Concert. -Charlie

Jesse Tyler Ferguson of ‘Modern Family’ visited ‘Cuse last week, and was well-received by a crowd of over 1200 people in Goldstein Auditorium. The evening kicked off with Ferguson talking about his ‘Tie the Knot’ campaign, with conversation topics moving from marriage equality legislation to New York theater to the experience of sharing a bed with George Clooney (“…delicious”).

All the indie fame generated by ‘Modern Family’ has pros and cons attached, though. Jesse Tyler mentions a brief (read: borderline traumatic) experience. A woman who was in the process of getting felt up by a TSA agent at the airport did a 180 degree turn to petition him for a picture and/or autograph. “I was like, uh….I’m gonna wait until you’re done”. Despite the occasional awkward fan encounter, Ferguson loves and appreciates his fans. He remarks, “I hope that everyone in this room will have the chance to have a complete stranger come up to them and say ‘I love what you do’”.

For more information about the Tie the Knot campaign, visit and follow @TieTheKnotOrg

-Mikala Stubley


JERKcast episode 4 is available for stream directly from or you can listen/download here!

In this week’s JERKcast we learn that Lakota just can’t seem to stay out of trouble when she talks about the late night problems on Marshall street. It seems that violence follows the cast everywhere when Julia claims to have heard gun shots outside her house. Maybe it’s because Syracuse is on the top 10 list of party schools and even townies want to get in on that – it might take Charlie awhile to get there since he still doesn’t know his way around. The cast moves on to politics and gives a run down about the voting registration in the quad, different ways people are keeping up with all the info, and the presidential candidates. The cast seems to love Dogs Against Romney and would never strap a dog to the roof of their car. Paige shares some cool info about politics from her Canadian home and her obsession with maple syrup. Who knew it would taste good in coffee?

We record Monday nights, so make sure to get your fan mail, hate mail, stories, suggestions, corrections, and all that good stuff sent to us by then –

Executive Producer: Charlie Ecenbarger
Hosts: Lakota Sky Gambill, Julia Fuino, Paige Schell & Charlie Ecenbarger
Audio Producer/Editor: Victoria Kezra
Producers: Chelsey Perry, Victoria Kezra, Julia Fuino, Melissa Nawojski
Show Recap: Melissa Nawokski

You can read all the Rick Steves you want but that still won’t prepare you for studying abroad by any means.  One thing I’m sure of is the ease at which I am capable of sticking out—even worse than as the pale, capri-pants and fanny pack wearing, map-in-hand tourists speaking broken English in the middle of Times Square.

The easiest way I can describe Madrid to those who have never been is by saying it is the Spanish equivalent of New York City.  Every metro stop I happen to surface from seems like a different place entirely.  Old Madrid resembles some small neighborhoods of Florence, Tribunal is Spain’s alternative to Brooklyn, while my neighborhood Moncloa feels like a suburb.

My first mistake was keeping my iPhone on a 12-hour clock.  My second mistake was taking my iPhone out of the house at all.  In Spain you get pick-pocketed—not mugged.  While I haven’t been targeted yet, the thought of going through the day not knowing that all my belongings were skillfully snatched hours before is agonizing.  Not to say that I’d rather get mugged…

Attempting to look like a fierce Spanish woman is nearly an impossible feat.  Especially since I’m blonde and my roommate is a ginger—extremely exotic in Spain.  Alas, I have learned the following lessons.  Do not ask for anything ‘to-go’.  It does not exist in Spain.  The idea is if you have 5 minutes, you sit and enjoy your coffee at a table.  Definitely do not bite into any fruit… here they use forks and knives to eat apples, bananas, oranges, and kiwis etc.    You also can’t wear t-shirts, sweats, or workout clothes in public… you will be stared at.

Although, if you’re a girl you’ll be stared at regardless of what you’re wearing.  In Spain the national sport among men is staring.  It’s how they flirt—a full on death rattling intense stare.  If you catch a glimpse its so uncomfortable that I’ve learned to just look at the ground.  There is the occasional time where the guy is attractive… then its oddly flattering but still deeply weird at the same time.  But men will take off their sunglasses while looking you up and down.  And if you run into a particularly ballsy fellow he will wag his tongue at you.

Another aspect of Spanish culture I find hard to understand is the fact that you will find couples of all ages, sucking face hard in public.  Everywhere at anytime of day.  On the metro, waiting for the metro, on a street bench, in cafes, on street corners, in markets and in the parks.  Well, in Spain it is common and quite acceptable to live with you parents until you are married—even if that means into your late thirties.  So that means couples take to the streets of Madrid.

Despite all this, I have managed to fall in love with this city.  How could you not? The park next to my house has Egyptian temple ruins.  Where else in the world could that happen? The culture of Spain is fast and slow at the same time- if that seems possible.  Swimming is a sea of people in the metro, you don’t want to go against the current.  But drowning out the sounds of El Retiro’s vendors, tourists and little Spanish children by taking a nap underneath a tree that mosaics the sun with its leaves nearly makes time halt.

-Sara Freund

Unexpected Potpourri

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A bunch of drunken jerks and some employees stood in line for one of the fifteen porta-potties that sat neighboring one another at Syracuse University’s Juice Jam event. I stood among these jerks, frustrated that it wasn’t okay that I pee in the woods. I was nervous to enter into a mess of feces and stench – as I would most likely feel ready for a shower immediately afterwards.

Awaiting terror, I was shocked by the flowery scent that leaked out as I opened the plastic green door to step into the luxurious toilet box. Without a doubt, these were the nicest of porta-potties I had ever used at any triathlon or outdoor event.

Potpourri hung from a tack on one of the green, plastic walls in an orange sack that went well with the Syracuse paraphernalia that hung directly above the seat. Fake flowers of blue and orange in the upper left corner and a soft carpet on the ground to console my filthy feet. Hand sanitizer, paper towels, obvious toilet paper was guaranteed.

These may have been some of the nicest bathrooms on campus but only for a short while because in no time drunken jerks were rushing over to use it for other reasons, while employees watched the shift from luxury to mess. Now it only makes sense as to why they chose to hang such a flowery scent.

-Beatrice Schachenmayr

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with a summer job, are stressed about school, or feel like your thumbs might fall off from texting, read this article, step away from the computer, and go outside.

As a kid, I lived to be outdoors in the summer. Exploring creaks, climbing water falls, diving off docks, and sailing just made every summer complete. Unfortunately, as I’ve grown older and gone to college, I’ve lost my enchantment with summer as I’ve gained weight, stress, and concentration issues.

These days, instead of enjoying the simplicity of the outdoors, I catch myself on Facebook looking through pictures and stalking high school friends. I have a feeling this is pretty common for most college students. We often turn to technology because it is at our fingertips and it seems more relaxing than anything outdoors.

However, don’t call the myth busters on this one. A lot of research suggests that technology does the opposite. It affects people’s attention spans and makes them more anxious by creating a fake sense of urgency, according psychology professor David Strayer from the University of Utah in a New York Times article.

We are programmed to respond almost immediately in face-to-face conversations. Even when I try to forget a text from my boyfriend while I am running, I often end up stopping to respond and going from the bliss of running through the peaceful woods, to worrying about how the hell we are going to coordinate our crazy work schedules to make our long distance relationship work. It’s no wonder Strayer believes that technology can lead to attention deficit disorder, schizophrenia, stress, and depression!

Luckily, it’s never too late to unplug and restore your mental health with nature. Scott Catucci, the head of Outdoor Recreation activities at Syracuse, organizes and leads adventure and teamwork geared trips throughout the semester such as dogsledding, backpacking, and white-water rafting. He said the adrenaline boost from these activities can help relieve more complicated and draining everyday stress. Plus overcoming fears or challenges leaves you feeling more confident and accomplished.

Need more motivation to “misplace” your phone or unglue your face from tumbler on a beautiful afternoon? A Harvard study found that not only does getting outside improve your concentration and decrease anxiety, but natural sunlight also elevates your mood, can fight cancer (don’t forget sunscreen) and make you more physically fit. You can even recover from injuries (like that unexplained twisted ankle from last weekend). The study showed that a view of a tree out of a hospital window helped patients recover faster than staring at a wall.

So stop gawking at this computer screen and answer the call of the wild and your inner-child. Go for a hike, throw a frisbee at the park, walk your dog – just get outdoors. It can be tough with a busy schedule, but make the time and your body and mind will thank you.

-Shannon Hazlitt

As I finally unpacked my last bag in my off-campus house, my next task was heading to Wegmans to load up on groceries. As my mom and I (yes I still grocery shop with my mom, come at me) start browsing the produce section we begin to notice the outrageous prices. To buy a single cucumber you are paying almost $2, $3.99 for a small carton of strawberries and $5.99 per pound of cherries!

I cannot speak for the rest of you, but I am pretty sure that my parents don’t have a money tree in our back yard to finance my grocery bills, but that sure would be awesome if they did. So, as a Syracuse local I remembered that the farmers market takes place not too far from Carousel Mall and maybe their fresh produce will be more reasonably priced.

My assumptions were correct. I was able to purchase an assortment of fresh and locally grown fruits and vegetables at half the price I was paying the day before at the Weg. If you, like myself, would rather support local farmers and help keep your wallet on the hefty side for other summer activities, head down to the farmer markets and stock up.

Within Syracuse there are two locations for the farmers market. The most common is the CNY Regional Market  located one block from Carousel Mall. Their hours are:

Thursday: 7:00AM – 2:00PM (May-November)
Saturday: 7:00AM – 2:00PM (Year Round)
Sunday: 7:00AM – 2:00PM (Year Round)

The second location is the Downtown Farmers Market, located in Clinton Square. The hours for this location are:

Tuesday: 7:00AM – 4:00PM (June-October 9th)

Don’t have a car? Don’t fret. Syracuse University’s Centro Bus system provides rides to both the Regional Market and to downtown Syracuse. To find the bus routes and times check out their website.

Bon Appetite!

-Chelsey Perry

It’s a good week for music in ‘cuse and I have to decide which show I’m gonna check out, perhaps all of them if I’m feeling saucy.

On the 21st over at Lost Horizon there’s a ska show featuring Reel Big Fish, Big D and the Kids Table, and Suburban Legends. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a time where east coast hardcore, ska, and fast and fun punk rock was the big thing but this is my kinda show. When I was in my teens in Northeast PA, this was the shit (probably just dated myself). The scene has definitely died down a bit and is not what it once was, but it’s good to see some of these bands still out touring. Tickets are $18.

If ska isn’t your thing and dubstep/electronica is, Westcott is the place to be on the 13th. Flux Pavilion with Cookie Monsta, and Brown and Gannon will be doing what they do. I was never a big dubstep or electronica guy to be completely honest, but from some of the stuff I listened to on the intrawebs – it’s pretty solid. Tickets are $25 bucks and the show starts at 9pm. If anything at least you can hit up Alto Cinco before, during, and after.

Maybe ska nor dubstep are your thing and you enjoy some heavy fucking metal. If that’s the case Attack Attack!, As the Sky Falls, Chains of Honor, and Evolutions are going to be at Lost Horizon on the 15th. Tickets are 15 bones.

I linked up some samples of as much of the music as I could find so you guys could get a taste, so hopefully something strikes a chord (GET IT?) and you find yourself at a show this week.

Maybe you don’t wanna go listen to music, that’s cool. Sometimes you don’t wanna spend money, I get it. If that’s the case.. Well. You’re kinda shit out of luck. There isn’t a whole lot more that I could find happening in the area this week… Unless you wanna go over to Shoppingtown Mall and check out the book sale at the library.


Slow week in ‘cuse it seems, perhaps the ‘Taste of’ festival was a real crazy and we need some recharge time. Fear not, I scowered the internet and found at least a couple things that are going on this week. I can’t promise they’re for everyone, but hey. Beggars can’t be choosers.

June 6th over at Lost Horizon on Erie you got Crossfade, Feeding Affliction, Silent Fury and Weaving the Fate playing. It’s only $13 in advance or $15 at the door. I’ve only recently heard Weaving the Fate at the Flogging Molly show last week – they were alright. For 13 bones, I’d go see this show. If you’ve never heard of any’em, just click their names – I’ve attached some muzak samples for your listening pleasure. It’s mostly hard rock that has some catchy hooks. It’s not the worst, especially when you’re stuck in ‘cuse.

So, while you’re over in Dewitt for the show at Lost Horizon, the post standard thinks you should go check out Mario and Salvo’s pizza. Apparently they are the best pizza in Syracuse. I’ve never been there, but I’ve had some decent pizza around these parts (I’m partial to Varsity), but the Standard thinks these guys are top tier. So maybe you should go out there and see if they really beat out Cosmos, Varsity, or Sardos. I’ll reserve judgement, but I think they have some hype to live up to.

If you’re out near Rochester or wanna take a ride to the Museum of Play, a new exhibit called Design Zone just got going. According to the website Design Zone is a “hands-on interactive and computer-based activities reveal how video game developers, music producers, roller coaster designers, and others use math to do amazing things. Feel the beat in a DJ recording studio, test a virtual roller coaster, create on-screen action in a video game design studio, and more.”

Good luck kids. I will not be at any of these places, I’m going to Hershey Park for the weekend. Yeah, be jelly.


So you like to eat, right? Yeah me too. Foods good. Since we’ve established you like food, you’re stuck in ‘cuse and need something to do this coming weekend, you should probably head down to Clinton Square and check out Taste of Syracuse. It’s happening this Friday and Saturday from 11am til 11pm both days, oh, and it’s free – to get in and do things, I’m sure you’ll have to pay for food. There is going to be three stages with an assload of bands playing too. I did my best to find out some info on some of them, but it wasn’t easy. It seems like it’s mostly local bands you’d find playing at Empire Brewing – except for .38 Special, that’s the big draw.

Some of the other bands are:
The Goonies
Hobo Graffiti
Dead End
Three Inch Fury
…and more 

Maybe the music isn’t your thing, that’s cool, there’s other stuff to do as well. You can check out the Watkins Glen show cars, take a spin in one of the car simulators, or play a friendly game of cornhole.

For more information check out the Taste of Syracuse webpage which is conveniently linked here.

If none of that tickles your fancy, you can always check out the Dairy Goat Breeders Annual Show at the fairgrounds…