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From Jack Dawson to Romeo Montague, Leonardo DiCaprio was everyone’s favorite actor in the 90s. How could you not love that hair and those eyes?! Don’t get me started!!! However, every average girl was heartbroken when he began dating a string of Victoria Secret’s models, first Gisele Bundchen and then Bar Refeali, and next to top it all off, Gossip Girl star Blake Lively. Let’s face it, although the 90s are long and gone, all girls still dream about marrying the hunk.

The day has come, and all single girls can rejoice – DiCaprio and his VS angel, Erin Heatherton have ended their relationship after one year of dating. Things even got pretty serious when the couple vacationed in Mexico last January, with Leo’s mother accompanying them! Say what!

Just like most Hollywood breakups, conflicting schedules was the reason for their split. There was not an iceberg or a bottle full of poison in sight!  Long distance relationships are hard to manage and this one was no exception. DiCaprio spent a large portion of the year in Australia filming The Great Gatsby and then went straight to New Orleans to shoot Django Unchained, while Heatherton was busy being with Victoria Secret’s appearances.

It is evident that Leo is going to be alone for the holidays. I know what I want for Christmas!

-Tess Kornfeld

Well that was certainly long lived…

Just a few days after her album full of songs about her plethora of Hollywood’s exes, Red, was released, all signs pointed to Taylor having to get back to her pen and paper. Ladies and gents- she is single, yet again!

Having a total Grease moment, the former couple had their fair share of summer lovin’ on the island of Cape Cod. The couple made their very public, and PDA filled debut, back in July. They seemed inseparable, and oddly resembled another Kennedy couple, Jackie-O and JFK.

But, then it happened. On Thursday afternoon, Swift and her Kennedy boyfriend called it quits.

And so, just like Danny and Sandy, their lovely summer dreams were sadly ripped at the seams. According to sources, the split was completely amicable. However, when it comes to T-Swift, her telling songs prove that her breakups are never THAT easy.

While having your heart broken is never a fun time, there is a plus side to this one. At least, for her dedicated fans: new songs!

Are they never ever ever ever getting back together? We shall see!

– Tess Kornfeld

All Hail King Kutcher

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Well, well, well… it appears that Mr. Ashton Kutcher isn’t just downright handsome, but also happens to be rolling in the big bucks.  Kutcher’s name has recently been all over news headlines, but not because of his new former co- star and current flame (I’m looking at you, Mila Kunis!).

This story hails not from the gossip columns of weekly magazines, but from Forbes’ itself. You know you’ve done something right when your name appears in Forbes’.

In addition to replacing the not-so-winning Charlie Sheen on the hit comedy Two and a Half Men, Kutcher knocked the crown off of last year’s Sheen who topped Forbes’ highest paid TV actors of 2011 earning $40 million dollars. This year, Sheen is nowhere to be found on the list (perhaps, too much tiger blood?) Looks like the much younger and saner replacement, Kutcher, is thoroughly enjoying the view from the top.

The boyfriend of recently dubbed Esquire’s “Sexiest Woman Alive”, Kutcher not only has a role on a critically acclaimed sitcom, but also just wrapped up shooting a film depicting the iconic Steve Jobs. It’s pretty evident at this point that Kutcher is having a superb year and that he just happens to be $24 million buckaroo’s richer. Nice one!

Hugh Laurie, the doctor on House who viewer’s love to hate and hate to love, and 30 Rock funny guy Alec Baldwin are just a few of the other various talented actors to join Kutcher on the Forbes’ list. See the complete breakdown here.

– Tess Kornfeld

THE DAY HAS ARRIVED!  After 9 months of waiting, Adele fans can rejoice! The Brit powerhouse singer has finally given birth to (drum roll, please) a healthy baby boy! Is anyone else jealous in knowing that her little bundle of newborn joy will have his own, and very personal, Adele lullaby concert every single night of his existence?!

In early August, after a photo of an extremely preggo Adele landed on the cover of Life & Style, a rumor surfaced that she and her 38 year old boyfriend, Simon Konecki, had pulled a Reynolds/Lively and had a top secret wedding.  However, since then, the couple has incessantly shot down engagement rumors time and time again; Adele even tweeted on August 30th writing, “I am not married….zzzzz.”

Although marriage is not on the horizon for Adele, I sure hope a new album is! Congratulations Adele! And baby Adele, just know I am jealous.

That is all.

– Tess Kornfeld


Remember Prince Harry’s famed weekend of fun in Sin City? I’m not talking about the one with the massive hangover and Doug, Stu, Alan, and Phil. No, this one featured naked photos of the royal, which caused a major national scandal! How could you forget?!

In addition to causing women all around the world to squeal, the scandalous pictures of the royal red head have, oddly enough, lead to quite the boost in Las Vegas tourism.  Just a couple of days after photos of his royal bare bottom leaked, the Las Vegas tourism board launched an advertisement campaign highlighting the recent headlines, reading “Keep Calm and Carry on Harry”, complete with a hash tag “know the code”- what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, of course.

Ironically, the happenings of Harry’s famous Vegas weekend did not stay in Vegas. In fact, the details of his infamous trip left the strip, and traveled around the whole wide world. Although embarrassing for the royal family and the U.K., the economy of Las Vegas highly benefited from a night that should have stayed in the VIP room of the Wynn’s Encore Tower Suite. According to the Las Vegas Sun, Harry’s naked picture scandal was a literal money maker, resulting in a $23 million public relations advantage! CHA-CHING!

Chairman of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors authority stated Tuesday, “God bless Prince Harry. He made us a bunch of money.” One scandalous royal weekend and a couple of pictures of our beloved red head is all it took to make Las Vegas a lot richer, and they are definitely not sorry about it.

– Tess Kornfeld

While some celebrities were busy getting sick on stage (The Biebs and Gaga,) another was reassuring his fans that they have impeccable taste.

What more can I say about Jay-Z? He is a world famous rapper, the father of Blue Ivy, AND the husband of Beyonce. He’s obviously doing something right.

This past Saurday night, he closed his eight show tour at Brooklyn’s Barclay Center and allowed a very special guest to take the stage with him: his stunning wife, BEYONCE! *Angels singing*

The final night of his concert streamed live on Jay-Z’s website for fans to see the special act.  Beyonce walked (or should I say strutted?) on stage to surprise fans with performances of “Diva”. Her hubby joined her on stage to perform “Crazy in Love” and “Forever Young,” complete with her very own backup dancers.

Jay brought on the laughs when he was perhaps a little too crazy in love with Beyonce;  he got distracted and missed his cue to start rapping again. UGH- they are the hippest couple ever!

-Tess Kornfeld

I can hear Penelope now…”Amanda, Please!!!”

Giving Mean Girls star, Lindsay Lohan, a break (and starting feuds with her via twitter) from the lime light, another troubled former child star has caused a stir and this time it is Amanda Bynes. In case you have been MIA since Bynes’ last movie came out, here is a hint: these days, she is totally NOT the man.

Taking a note from Cher Horowitz of Clueless, funny girl Bynes has proved to the world that she definitely cannot drive. After a countless number of hit and runs, one not so cool DUI, and a scandalous photograph of her lighting up a bong behind the wheel, her license has finally been suspended by the Burbank County police. However, after All That (get it?), she STILL continues to drive, and was seen riding dirty around LA in her black BMW 5-series. Yikes!!!

Not only does Bynes have issues with depth perception, she is also getting physical with paparazzi. In addition to her recent run-in with the paparazzi being disturbingly incoherent, it was conveniently caught on tape. Watch the chilling confrontation here. Is anyone else having flashbacks of Britney Spears circa 2007?!

Bring in the dancing lobsters: this starlet is going down!!!

– Tess Kornfeld

We’ve all seen it.  That “Friends” poster, with the cast lovingly sipping milkshakes together, giving you a look that says “Yeah, we can all touch each other’s arms and it’s not weird.”  It seems that their lives are too good to be true! Unfortunately it is too good to be true.  The problem, however, is that we still all want to be able to touch each other’s arms and have it not be weird.  We look around at our group of friends, assigning them the different roles (don’t worry, YOU are Rachel) and dream of dancing around a fountain and velvet sofa in matching white outfits/playful smiles.

Unfortunately “Friends” is a show not too entirely based in reality.

As I watch my peers embark into the horror of the real world with such expectations, I’ve observed that there are a few reasons why we just can’t be “Friends”. So buckle up, for this is fantasy-shattering:

1. People get sick of each other. Who wants to hang out with me all day, every day? I sure don’t! That’s why I go to sleep every night.  Here’s what “Friends” would look like if it were based in reality:

Monica gets a text from Chandler:

“Hey do you guys wanna hang out?”

Monica replies, “Who are you with?”

Chandler says, “Ross and Joey.”

Monica reads it aloud to the girls.  Phoebe and Rachel scrunch up their faces and shake their heads; they aren’t in the mood.  There’s a moan about not having any friends.  The girls go get Chipotle.  The show is cancelled… along with our dreams

The apartments: the huge, beautiful, could-never-afford-at-your-age-and-income apartments.  These two apartments are available AND next to each other? It’s a dream come true!  Except, it actually won’t come true.  What is true, though, is that with the salary of the jobs we’ll get out of college we can recreate “Friends” all we want with our parents because we’ll be living with them! Or in a box… that our parents bought.

2. There will be sex and that’s not just a There Will Be Blood sequel idea.  Three guys. Three girls. Everyone is weirdly too hot.  Soon the coffee shop you deemed your group’s “place” is a hot zone for awkward run-ins accompanied by averted eyes and soft, regretful sighs.

3. Hey, it’s marriage! Oh and look, a child! Wait, you’re under 40? You’re out of the group.

I could discuss how everyone will realize how creepy your Joey friend is or the annoyance of people walking into your apartment unannounced, but I know the wound of these truths is already too deep.  I leave you with a quote from the theme song, “I’ll Be There For You” by the Rembrandts.  Except not really, because I’m changing it so it makes more sense:

“I’ll be there for you! [Sometimes!] When the rain starts to pour [I won’t be there probably, it’s kind of cold outside].”

– Taylor Kowalski

Tess Kornfeld here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of the pop culture elite.

This just in: The second most attractive couple in Hollywood (following the Jolie-Pitt duo, of course) has shockingly said “I Do”.

After meeting on the set of The Green Lantern and dating for over a year, Serena Van der Woodsen,  I mean Blake Lively,  and her “Sexiest Man Alive”, Ryan Reynolds had an intimate, secret wedding reception last week. Although Lively is at heart a California girl and Reynolds is all about Canada, the pair chose to have their special day in Charleston, South Carolina, the town where the Notebook was filmed. Let me repeat that for you: THE NOTEBOOK!  They shared their vows in a Martha Stewart (!) decorated plantation that just happened to be the site of Allie Calhoun’s summer home in the tear-jerker romantic comedy. In order to keep things hush-hush from the public eye, the Green Lantern pair chose to keep the guest list intimate with 60 guests. However, that did not stop the duo from inviting various celeb friends which included a performance from none other than Lively’s English red-headed rocker bff, Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine. Correct me if I am wrong but this sounds like the most absolutely perfect start to their marriage – let’s hope this one withstands the wrath of Hollywood.

You know you love me,



Last Thursday night you were either embracing your inner nerd while watching the DNC or you were doing the complete opposite and watching MTV. For those smarties who picked the former and decided to watch the DNC, you must be having major FOMO! Stop crying, grab a tissue, and be thankful you have me in your life, for I am about to give you the low down on the good and the bad shenanigans that occurred during the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards. Between the famous attendance, awkward moments, bizarre fashion, boy bands, and bad jokes, the VMAS are always unforgettable. Here is a list of what you’re going to want to remember from Thursday night.

Best speech: Forget Romney and Obama, MTV is temporarily endorsing Hart for President. Surrounded by his entourage of little people secret service agents, the high-larious host Kevin Hart kicked off the show with a traditional star-bashing monologue. He wasted no time on stage and “went there” by immediately targeting Drake, Chris Brown, and K-stew. Oddly enough, the key element within his act was forgiveness stating, “if you’ve made a mistake, so what?” That’s what I like to hear, Kevin! If you want to see how the stars reacted, see Hart’s monologue here.

Best Hair: From Chris Brown’s newly bleached mop, to both Miley and Pink’s platinum sky-high pompadours (awkward), the night seemed to be less about music videos and more about hair. In addition to Brown and Miles, Nicki Minaj made a splash with her yellow locks, and Rihanna even sported a new pixie-cut do.

Best performance: Like past VMA’s, the show is always full of star-studded, boundary shattering performances. This year Taylor Swift, One Direction (swoon), Lil Wayne & Two Chainz, Pink, and Green Day (Seriously, how old are they?!) all graced viewers with their good looks and angelic voices. However, the performance that left me speechless came from up and coming R&B artist, Frank Ocean. He goes to show that there is actually more to life than being really, really ridiculously good looking. Without any distracting dancers and props, Ocean serenaded the audience with his ballad “Thinking Bout You” and he left me wanting to download the rest of his album (I did and you should, too).

Biggest Surprise: These days, Rihanna is all over the place with her men. Regarding her relationships, she is constantly leaving her fans on their toes. One day she is seen with her ex-flame Chris Brown, then the next day she is spotted on a date with her “Take Care” buddy Drake. And recently, rumors have been flying around that she’s dating the one and only, Robert Kardashian. On Thursday, however, Rihanna left little to our imaginations after she gave Brown a congratulatory kiss following his VMA win for Best Male Video. Was it just a friendly kiss? Was it more? WTF?!

Are you done crying? Have you turned your frown upside down? You’re welcome.

– Tess Kornfeld