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I’m going to start with a story.  In addition to not being a big partier, I was very sick this week, and a good night’s rest was necessary. I was woken up after a very short hour of sleep by dubstep pounding through my floor.  What the fuck.

They didn’t quiet down. I turned on Last Call with Carson Daily (unaware of it’s existence previous to this encounter) while I waited for 4am to bring silence. The show turned out to be pretty good, and I was really happy to be exposed to Joshua James for the first time.


James is often compared to Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Joe Purdy, Bright Eyes or Ray LaMontagne. I love all of those men, and I recommend giving Joshua a listen. “Queen of the City” is my favorite song so far, and is very catchy. I love folk music and James fits right into my realm.

On January 8, 2013, this was posted to James’s website, “Joshua’s video for “Queen of the City” was chosen to compete with 4 other videos for an installment of MTV-U’s “The Freshmen” on the network over the Holidays.  From what MTV said, the “Queen of the City” dominated the competition with over 30,000 votes.  Not too shabby.

Take a listen and check this artist out.

-Brooke Leone

If you caught the movie This is 40, you had the privilege of hearing Ryan Adams perform Shining Through the Dark.

To give a small synopsis, Debbie (Leslie Mann) and Pete (Paul Rudd) go to a hotel to try and revamp their relationship. Within this moment, and throughout the rest of the film, the couple is struck by the fact that they’re 40 years old now and that time has flown by as the lyrics in Adams’ song describe. The comedic couple hit a few bumps here and there throughout the film, but of course, they end up settling their disagreements. You’ve got to love those Hollywood happy endings.

Anyway, the song brought Ryan Adams into the spotlight. He was actually asked to perform on Conan on TBS, December 13th of last year.

Aside from whatever meaning the song delivered the movie, I see it differently.

Whatever happened to the old me

Whatever happened to us

Whatever it was it doesn’t matter now

Those days went speeding by

And left us in the dust

If you’ve guessed it, I’m getting a bit sappy and depressed about graduation. Hello, senior year spring semester! When did you get here, and why did you come so quickly? The past three and a half years flew by! Unfortunately, we can’t change the fact that we’re graduating, nor can we go backwards to get those days back. Life has slapped us across the face as it did to Debbie and Pete in This is 40. You can’t run or hide from the inevitable, so you might as well enjoy it.

-Brooke Leone

Song of the Week: Vegas Girl

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I’m not exactly sure how Conor Maynard knows what ‘Vegas Girls’ do in their free time, but I sure as hell don’t. In his song Vegas Girl, he sings the typical club scene boy-girl scenario style we see here in the States on any given weekend. He’ll hit the Top 40 soon enough, and people are speculating he’ll even surpass the ‘Bieber Fever.’ Only time will tell.

In November 2011, Maynard received a nomination for MTV’s Brand New for 2012 award, competing alongside Lana Del Rey and several other artists. It was announced on 31 January 2012 that Maynard had been chosen for the award, having received approximately 48% of the public vote.

Conor was brought onto the Today show a few weeks ago to sing and have a little chat with Hoda and Kathy Lee. Hoda actually first brought his music to the show in the summer with her playlist, which had Vegas Girl on it. She too, believes he’ll beat out Bieber with his good looks, charm, lyrics and English accent.

Unlike Hoda and myself, Conor doesn’t think he’s like Justin Bieber. Well who does he think his style resembles?

He sings, “I knock you down like you’re Keri. Forget your name like Rihanna. You can run the world Queen B.” All I ask is that he doesn’t try to be another Chris Brown.

-Brooke Leone

I don’t know how many of you actually went to the One World Concert, but let me tell you something – it was the longest, but most rewarding concert experience of my entire life.

The show lasted about 5 hours, which is just short of festival length, so it was a long one. At about 11:30pm I was getting restless since I’m an old lady and go to bed around that time every night, needless to say, I was ready to crash. But I needed to see my old friends that make up the Counting Crows. Even though we really aren’t old friends I would like to think we are since we’ve been together musically since middle school. So okay to get to the point – I wasn’t leaving until the dreadlock headed man sang to me.

If you were there, you obviously know, it was an amazing performance. Never have I ever seen a performance that got so deep in such a small amount of time. Round here is a solid track that holds a lot of emotion and without Adam Duritz voice it would never survive. He didn’t just sing the song but turned it into a story/conversational piece/something that’s even more amazing than my words could ever describe.

The video above probably doesn’t give his performance in the Dome justice, but it’s the closest thing to it. I’ll be looking into going to another show of theirs and I hope you guys enjoy the song and potentially look into more of the music since they’re pretty great, especially ‘round here.

-Brooke Leone

Everyone has that one or ten TV shows that they just HAVE to watch. While every show has their assigned time slot on their respected channels, to the dedicated viewer, time slots are nothing… because there’s always the internet.

Don’t worry I’m one of these people too, so don’t feel bad if you happen to be as well.

I love Parenthood, Greys Anatomy, Gossip Girl, Sex and The City, Breaking Bad and many other shows that I could watch on repeat. But what I love the most about these shows is the music they choose to play during their episodes. I feel like I get a new playlist that I would never have found without them. It’s incredible – like the producers know exactly what I want to hear and see simultaneously. I mean, they probably do because I’m one of the most frequent watchers, but that’s beside the point.

Here’s a list of new/recent songs I’ve discovered to be amazing and I’ve placed them with their respective shows.

Forever Young – Bob Dylan (Parenthood)

Coming Down – Dum Dum Girls (Gossip Girl)

All I Want – Kodaline (Greys Anatomy)

Into You – Ingrid Michaelson (Greys Anatomy)

Sweet Dream – Greg Laswell (Parenthood)

Houdini – Foster the People (Gossip Girl)

Movin’ Away – My Morning Jacket (Gossip Girl)

All Alright – Fun. (New Girl)

-Brooke Leone

No matter how bad the lyrics are to this song, it’s bound to get stuck in your head. Like every other T-Swift song, she has a way of embedding herself in your head so that no matter what you do, she’s still there humming along. It’s a bittersweet experience.

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together is an anthem for girls just for those not-so-special someone’s in our lives. But whom is she singing about this time? I could care less, but it seems like the public would like to know. John? Joe? Someone we don’t even know?

Recently, her new album Red received its release date of October 22, 2012. To keep her fans busy until then, they have her latest tracks “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” and “Begin Again”. Stay tuned for an up and coming article on the release and the tracks of Red.

Not only does Taylor have new songs and new music videos for the world, she also has tour dates and performances to awe everyone as well. On October 1, 2012 the CW Network will be featuring a 2-hour special of the recent iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas. Along with it will be Taylor’s performance on the stage with several other artists. The broadcast will be on that Monday from 8-10 pm.

-Brooke Leone

South Korean rapper Psy, is the latest sensation with his hit “Gangnam Style”. If you haven’t heard it yet, which I’m sure you probably have, you really should.

What I want to know, is where this man even came from. Within what seems like a few days, his hit has majorly skyrocketed, making him a household name in America.

Announced on July 15, Gangnam Style became an instant hit, which now has more than 42 million views on Youtube. The track even surpassed The Bieb’s new tune on August 21, 2012 when it officially charter No. 1 on the itunes Music Video Charts. This, as you may have guessed, has never been accomplished by a South Korean artist in the U.S.

Psy made a huge debut on the Today show a few weeks ago during the Toyota Concert Series. Not only did he bring fans from all over the country to New York City to see him perform, he also taught the cast of the Today Show how to dance the Gangnam Style.

Along with news updates and music videos, the fans are taking the song into their own hands and recreating the “Call Me Maybe” craze. Couples are dancing to the song at their weddings and posting videos of it on Youtube. Sailors are also dancing around their base. I don’t think there are as many videos as the lipcyncs to “Call Me Maybe”, but it’s getting there. No matter how insane this song is, people love it. I’m on the fence though. I mean, what is he even saying?

This ridiculous-upbeat-lets-make-our-own-videos-to-stupid-songs craze hasn’t stopped yet. The only question is, what song comes next

-Brooke Leone

While listening to All For Me Grog, I get the feeling that I’m in an Irish pub or something singing along with the whole bar. You know that feeling?

Joey formerly was in the band The Briggs with his brother Jason. However, he decided to do some solo work in LA and tour a bit around the world. His solo work expresses his interest in the dying music industry and politics along with several other issues. Even with Joey’s success as one, he does discuss on that they will be getting back together as a band. As Joey says, it now will be a mix of the new Briggs and the old Briggs.

Briggs has an interesting sound that will hook anyone with one listen. For instance, I think Briggs brings out his political view points in 37 Cents with lines like, “I’ve got something to say about how your running this country into the ground.” Even though listeners might not be political buffs, the way in which he sings and presents his lyrics catches everyone’s attention.

Maybe it’s just the writing major in me, but what I love about his music, is that everything seems to fit together to ultimately form an overall message. The track titles he uses tell a story relevant to the theme and name of his album title, “The Traveling Salesman, Pariah, and Me.” It’s nice to see clean lines and ties between his music and titles. This type of organization isn’t too common among artists these days.

Joey Briggs was on tour most of the summer overseas and ended in California. Let’s welcome him back to the States with some listening. I think he has a great sound that could be linked with The Avett Brothers, The Devil Makes Three, Flogging Molly (in some cases), and other bluegrass, rock n’ roll type of bands. He hasn’t released a recent album yet, but last year The Traveling Salesman came out with this track list:

Suburban Kid
Let The Night Sleep Without Me
Black Cloud
Bottom Of A Beer
So Let Down
The Sun Will Shine
All For Me Grog
37 Cents
First Page Of My Book
Here’s To You
Talking With The Wind
Walk Away

Take a listen and leave a comment. Tell us what you think!

-Brooke Leone

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