bikinibodyAcross campus and around the world, core muscles are a known issue for everyone. “Do they exist?” “How can I make them bigger?” “I’ll never get to see them!” “They’re behind the keg!” Everyone loves to hate their abs, but most don’t realize just how important those muscles really are. While getting them in shape can be a nightmare, actually doing so helps you look good, feel good, and think better.

And so to help you on your fitness journey, let’s hear it for Bikini Body Mommy, the personal trainer mommy who lost 100 pounds, and has great advice to show for it. The great thing about her site is that she has photos to go along with the workouts, as well as other fitness choices and ideas.

#1: Bikini Twist

1.) Lean back and prop your upper body up on your elbows (your back should remain lifted), palms facing down. Brace your abs in tight and lift your legs into a 90-degree angle (knees should be touching), toes pointed.

2.) Slowly lower your legs over to the right (knees should stay together). Keeping the 90-degree angle, lower your legs & then lift them up to the left. That is one rep. Perform 20 reps.

#2: Pike Plank

1.) Sit with your legs slightly bent, feet flexed up, and hands just outside of your hips, fingertips facing forward. Draw your abs in tight and press down through your palms to lift your hips up off the ground a couple of inches.

2.) For this one, focus on lifting your hips with your abs. Use your arms and legs to brace yourself. Fully extend your legs, and try to push your hips backward. Hold this for two seconds. Bend your knees, and return to the start position. That’s one rep. Perform ten times.

*Wrist issues? Perform this move on your knuckles, or lay back onto your elbows.

#3: Walking V-Plank

1.) Begin in an elbow plank with your hands clasped, and feet about hip-width apart.

2.) Keeping your knees locked, walk your feet in towards your hands as far as you can, until your hips end up in a high “pike” position. Slowly inch back out, reversing the way you walked in, until you return to the start.  That’s one rep.  Perform ten times.

There are a few other workouts available on Bikini Body Mommy’s site as well as recipes and other things fitness. Check it out!

-Brooke Leone


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