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Technically this isn’t really a blog, but I find this article vital to your preparation for Halloween weekend.

Halloween has sadly, but truly, become the symbolic holiday for dressing slutty and trying to get laid by the hot guy who wears a football jersey and calls it a costume. Due to the high demand from every guy on this campus for girls to wear as little clothing as possible, all while not looking too easy, our job has become 10 times harder.

When you finally sit down to think of what you want to wear, you come to the realization that there are only a few sexy, yet slutty, but not too slutty, but showing enough skin, but not seeming TOO easy, costumes that won’t be seen 143 times in one night. And this, my friends, is where it starts getting creepy and weird.

This article includes the best, worst costumes that you could possibly dress yourself in for this Halloween season. Some of the costumes in the article include a hamburger, real estate agent, and Mr. Potato Head.

My hands down favorite costume would have to be the corn on the cob. Who in their right mind thinks that this costume is sexy? Yes, maybe if we went to school in Hick Town, USA and Bobby Joe who harvests corn for a job would find it sexy, but the guys here at Syracuse have higher standards (shocker, I know).

My second favorite would have to be Bert and Ernie. Not only did Mitt Romney destroy all of our childhood memories of Sesame Street after bashing Big Bird, but now Bert and Ernie have C-cup boobs and the legs of a super model? That is just completely wrong.

For most girls, like myself, I care very little about this degrading holiday and find myself putting together a costume 20 minutes before I head out the door. Which for a sorority girl, it is a talent I have perfected.

So if you take anything away from this article, make sure you don’t put too much thought into it. Like they say, don’t think to hard, you might hurt yourself. Or in this case, don’t think too hard, or you most likely will be going home alone.

-Chelsey Perry

If you cannot help but squeal every time you look at a picture of an animal, like me, I think that The Animal Blog is right up your ally.

When I find myself grumpy, stressed, annoyed and pissed off (possible everyday), nothing cheers me up more than the face of a little puppy, panda, or giraffe.

This blog provides you with endless pictures of the cutest animals, both big and small, and I promise that it will make your day a little happier. Especially with all of this rainy, cold weather Syracuse has so kindly been offering us.

Feeling a little damper today? Click on the link and enjoy pages of the cutest animals you will ever see!

-Chelsey Perry

As a recent health-kick enthusiast, I have found it impossible to avoid any blog that provides me with healthy meals and short, beneficial workouts that actually work for my body.  Both of these ideas seem far-fetched for a full time college student with class, homework, Thursday-Saturday frat hopping, Sunday Funday and of course Jerk, duh.

Some of us have to work extra hard to get that crop top worthy body.

While I was hunting for my own sources to help keep me motivated, I came across The Slender Student. Not only is this girl a college student, just like us, but also gives you tons of easy/healthy alternative snacks and meals, as well as ass kicking workouts that you can do in a 12 x 12 dorm room.

This girl has it all!

She recently posted a recipe for a “Slender S’more,” which obviously is a s’more, but contains only 100 calories. The Slender Student puts together a s’more with a rice cake, one piece of dove chocolate and five mini marshmallows. There is no way a snack like this can be anything but mouth watering. Then a few posts later you will find a 20 minutes work out that will target every main muscle group in your body. I did it, and it hurts, a lot.

I understand how frustrating it can be to maintain school work, a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, but maybe The Slender Student can help reduce the size of that beer belly from all of those free drinks at flip night.

Not only can you follow The Slender Student’s blog, but you can follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Best of luck my newly born health-kick enthusiasts!

-Chelsey Perry

If you’re like me, you have no sense of direction in the kitchen and everything you make or bake turns out black and crispy. Since I moved into my off campus house with five other roommates, I have become the odd ball out in cooking a decent edible meal.

While I aimlessly waste time on the Internet avoiding my mounds of homework, I came across Cookie + Kate and couldn’t contain the drool rolling down my chin. For all of you incapable cookers out there, all of these recipes are simple, inexpensive and don’t require a lot of your time. Don’t believe me? I have now cooked seven of these recipes and didn’t set the fire alarm once!

Cookie + Kate is a food blog started by a woman named Kate (shocker) and her adopted dog (you guessed it) Cookie. Together, with Cookie sitting by Kate’s side, they cook vegetarian and whole food recipes for all of us to try ourselves. Not only do I find Cookie + Kate amazing but Saveur Magazine agreed after they nominated their blog as the #1 blog in 2012. This is the real deal guys and gals.

If you are as enthusiastic as I was about this blog, you will find yourself cooking up some delicious dishes in no time! Best of luck my new little chefs.

You can check out their website at and follow them on Twitter @cookieandkate

-Chelsey Perry

Hey, hey jerks! My name is Chelsey and from now on I will be in charge of bringing you the latest blogs we like and don’t like and will also be sharing my favorite videos of the week. Here is a little about me:

Year and Major: I am a senior (SO SAD) Communication and Rhetorical Studies major with a minor in Political Science.

Hometown: I was born and raised in good ol’ Syracuse, NY. Yes, I didn’t go very far but I can bet none of your moms do your laundry or bring you home cooked meals.

Most Embarrassing Moment: Honestly, I don’t think I have ever been embarrassed. If you can’t laugh at yourself, you’re not doing it right.

Biggest Lie I’ve Gotten Away With: What is a lie if you tell everybody about it?

A Movie I Could Watch Over and Over: Hands down, Billy Madison.

** If you’re interested in becoming a Jerk Blogger, contact us at

Blogs We Like — Dorm Delicious

Posted: July 26, 2012 by jerkmagblog in BLOGS WE LIKE
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Dorm Delicious

As a new or returning student, you know the excitement you feel when it comes to re-decorating your dorm room or apartment. It’s a space all your own and you can do with it what you will. For the new and incoming students, Syracuse might give you a list of the must-haves, but they aren’t going to tell you what a typical dorm looks like, what students typically decorate with, or whether or not it’s cool to bring a lava lamp… which it’s totally not. So for a real-life look into dorm and apartment decor, check out Dorm Delicious. It’s a blog dedicated to giving you the latest trends in dorm decor, the ins and outs of what matches with what (for those of us who can’t tell a stripe from a polka dot), and the ten ‘must-haves’ for move-in day.

~Julia Fuino

Blogs We Like: Honestly, WTF?

Posted: June 6, 2012 by jerkmag in BLOGS WE LIKE

Honestly WTF could possibly be the spot where everything that runs through a persons mind goes to be seen. No. Not even that. It’s way better than that. I don’t even know what to categorize it as. Just go look.

From clothes, DIY’S, travel, photos, and makeup, editors Erica Chan Coffman and  Lauren Kolodny do great things effortlessly. I don’t know where they get their ideas or how they found all of this awesome stuff to blog about, but I know that I do love to look at it several times a day.

Guys, this might be a little too much fashion and clothing for you but hey, give it a chance.

-Brooke Leone

Dear Blank, Please Blank is a blog I’m surprised hasn’t yet made this list. Considering the snark and wit that this blog is so notoriously known for, I can almost guarantee that any of you guys would also love ‘Dear Blank‘. What it is, is a collection of little rants about anything ranging from the atrocity that is Twilight, to the sandwich jokes women love to hate. Each entry begins with “dear”, and ends with “sincerely”. I apologize if you like Twilight by the way. Here’s an example:

Dear Students,
I know when you’re texting.
Sincerely, No one just looks down at their crotch and smiles.
There are different categories of these little rants that you can choose from, which include title listings such as: “You’re a Douche”, “Um, WTF”, “How Dare They”, and more. The blog is usually good about updating, too. Embarrassing as it is, I check it almost every day and always come across new content. Anyway, if you want a good laugh, check it out at
– Julia Fuino


I’m sure you’ve come across some of these “GIFs” on your friend’s facebook pages. They all hail from the latest internet sensation: What Should We Call Me. You may have even come across some spin-offs of this blog, such as “Adventures in Fratland”, or “What My Biffles Call Me.” What Should We Call Me takes real life situations, reactions to situations, and makes them somehow apply to these hilarious images and “GIFs”. My entire newsfeed is covered with them.

I can, unfortunately, waste a good amount of time looking through page by page. I’ve even caught myself actually laughing out loud at some of them because of how closely similar they represent some things I’ve gone through, or situations my friends have found themselves in. The above picture is a quick scene from “The Hills”. I’m sure you’re all familiar with it. And if you’re not, good for you. Anyway, the caption for this ‘scene’ is “When I actually look at a guy’s feet.” Let’s be honest guys, you don’t always have the cleanest looking feet in the world, and you’ve officially been called out by ‘whatshouldwecallme’.

~Julia Fuino


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I personally think Tosh is a funny guy. Matter of fact, he makes me laugh really, really hard. That’s why I like his blog. Sure, it’s not run by him but the content is usually pretty solid, edgy, and downright offensive at times. Three things that I generally have no problem with blogs being, it keeps things interesting.

On Tosh’s blog there is a nice flow of pictures and videos meant to give you a good chuckle throughout your day. You can follow the blog on Twitter or Facebook as well to get the live updates as soon as something new is posted. I use it as a nice break from the generic “we’re pulling pranks on each other” or “I’m gonna watch this kid fall off his skate board” that can be found on Break or some of those other sites.

Check it out if you wanna laugh.