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Posted: September 23, 2012 by jerkmag in STUMBLED
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Want a workout that can give you abs in 10 seconds?

So do I, but this one does take a little more time. However, you only need to hold each pose for 5- 10 counts and do three repositions of each.

Oh and there are only five moves. I’m pretty bad at math, but it seems like that’s a pretty speedy way to get a core. For those of you who are even worse at math than me (although part of me doesn’t think you exist) this workout is 90 seconds max.

I also actually think it works because I’ve done a couple of the moves sporadically on my own for longer sets and seen some results.

One more plug for this workout- it’s yoga so you can get abs while you’re distressing. I’d say this is one of those workouts you want to make time for  and the good news is – it’s not even that much time.

Oh, by the way. I also stumbled upon (see what I did there) these while roaming the internet. If these can’t get your boy’s interest, I don’t know what will.

-Shannon Hazlitt

I found this blog on Pinterest when searching for workouts and such. With a tag line like Lazy Girl Fitness who doesn’t want to click on that to see what it’s all about?

Violet Sage is a blog with several goals and accomplishments. She’s kind of inspiring. Also what I’ve noticed is that she has been married for almost 20 years and you can’t feel her age through her blog. Incredible. I look at a lot of blogs daily and I can approximate the users age just by the material posted.

Lazy Girl Fitness is a few recent posts that you can do around your house with whomever and wherever. While brushing your teeth, waiting for the microwave to stop, folding laundry, and reading a book. My favorite one is the laundry-folding bit.

Dead lift laundry: Squat down, lift your laundry with you and then above your shoulders for a little extra. Do this 15 times each time you have a new load (dirty or clean).

Wall sits while folding: What better way to fold but with a wall sit! Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and then proceed to sit against the wall (keeping your back flat) and fold. If it gets too easy, try going on your toes, shoot for folding 5 pieces of laundry at a time.

Now I think this is a great idea but is this realistic? I feel like if I was folding my laundry, sitting on the wall (not possible) would probably make my laundry even more of a mess than it was when it came out of the dryer. As a neat freak and someone who does laundry once a month, this would be the longest wall sit challenge of my life. Of anyone’s life for that matter. The dead lift stuff is a little more tangible since laundry gets pretty heavy at times.

I’ll definitely be trying these and other workouts from the site, though.

-Brooke Leone

The 30-Minute Outdoor Workout

Posted: May 22, 2012 by jerkmag in CRISP -- health
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It is finally consistently beautiful here in Upstate New York. That means sitting in the sunshine all day long, running in the fresh air and not that smelly gym, and taking our workouts outdoors.

I always brush up on my fitness techniques and exercises because there are constantly new workouts available. Your body also gets used to your workouts if you do them every single day, which means you should add some variety into your workouts. Do something Monday, Wednesday, and Friday but not Tuesday or Thursday.

Here are a few exercises I found on that are very simple but very efficient. Plus they’re for your outside workouts.

Side Leap: Stand on a flat surface with your feet together, bend your knees and hop as far as you can to your right without putting your left foot on the ground. Bend your right knee and hop as far to the left as you can without placing your right foot on the ground. Do 20 hops on each side, for a more intense exercise, go faster or slower and increase the amount of hops you do.

Park Bench Dip: With your back to the bench, place your hands on the bench, hip width apart. With your feet together and your body in a sitting position, bend your elbows to a 90-degree angle and return to start position. Keep your body close to the bench at all times. Complete 12 to 15 reps.

Park Bench Push Up: Place your hands on the park bench while walking your feet out behind your body until your legs are completely extended. Bend arms and lower chest toward bench. Complete 12 reps. For another variation of the push up visit

Hanging Crunch: Take hold of a sturdy tree branch, monkey bars, or other elevated item, keep arms fully extended while bringing your knees up towards your abs. Do as many as you can.

For more workouts visit

-Brooke Leone

I’ll admit it: I’m guilty of prematurely judging people based on their weight. But before you start rioting in the streets, trying to discredit me as a health blogger, hear me out. I’m not saying overweight people aren’t worthwhile people; I just don’t associate being overweight with being fit.

That was, until I read multiple articles claiming that overweight people could be just as fit, if not fitter, than thin people. And if those articles didn’t change my mind on the subject, my experience at the gym a few days ago sure did.


I don’t usually pay much attention to what I wear to the gym. I throw on an old, cut up T-shirt, a pair of running shorts, a good sports bra and I’m out the door. In fact, if you ever have the immense pleasure of seeing me at the gym, I’ll probably be looking something like this. But the truth is, what you wear to the gym can make or break your workout. has compiled a list of what to wear (and what not to wear) at the gym. Make sure you keep the following rules in mind before you head out the door for a good sweat-sesh.


You just upped your workout at the gym, and you’re feeling pretty good about yourself. By running an extra mile on the treadmill or spending 10 more minutes on the elliptical, you clearly burned more calories than usual. So, you decide to indulge a little. But while the occasional cake pop with your Starbucks coffee as a reward for being sweaty is fine in moderation, making a habit of constantly rewarding yourself after a workout could undo any positive effects of staying at the gym longer.

Losing weight or maintaining your current weight is no small feat. (Trust me, I lost 60 pounds during my junior year of college, and keeping it off is a daily struggle). And as tempting as it may be to give yourself a reward for a good workout, you could end up putting the lost pounds back on.

According to, a blog dedicated to anything and everything a woman could possibly care about, there are five things you shouldn’t do after a workout.