The Mag

JERK magazine is a monthly publication for and by Syracuse University students that works to confront controversial political and social issues, provides a platform for alternative opinion, and supports local endeavors in music and art. JERK aims to increase student knowledge and activism, diversify campus dialogue, and encourage a relationship between the reader and their community.

Each month, BITCH, Jerk’s opinion and editorials section, offers readers new angles on issues important to both the Syracuse University student body and the surrounding community. Bitch aims to supply readers with points of view unavailable in other publications about topics that often go overlooked. In doing so, Bitch creates an atmosphere that fosters discussion from all sides of an issue.

SMUT, Jerk’s features section, backs up all of Jerk’s attitude with solid reporting, an eye for the downtrodden, and an ear for a good story. These longer pieces do not pretend to be objective; we are proud of our writers’ stances because they are well thought out and present the facts. Smut sways from politics to parodies so long as the tone is engaging, the faces are real, and the story inspires action.

The NOISE section of Jerk is where articles on art, music, and creative culture – both local and national – come together. In addition to book reviews and CD reviews from independent labels, Noise keeps a strong commitment to covering the Syracuse arts and music scene. Noise is Jerk’s connection to the creative pulse of the campus and community.

GAWK, the style and design section, showcases fashion as a true art form and exposes readers to the hidden gems of Syracuse society. Our pages act as a visual forum where the creations of student designers are as valued as those of household names and haute couture. In addition, Gawk gives its readers tips on adapting the latest trends to fit their lives. With its conceptual photography and innovative illustrations, Gawk captures the exciting possibilities of the Syracuse lifestyle.