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There isn’t a better combination than The Shins’ third studio album “Wincing the Night Away” + studying for finals + a Syracuse rainy day. If you aren’t familiar with this band’s work yet (a lot of you probably know them from the popular indie film “Garden State”) you should definitely give them a listen. But might I warn you, their hit song “New Slang” and my choice for Song of the Week sound completely different. But, they’re both really good so you should listen to each of them.

“Sea Legs” is one of my favorites off of “Wincing the Night Away.” It’s relaxing, yet not slow enough to make you want to fall asleep. This is for anyone whose musical taste ranges from Elliott Smith to Spoon to Zero 7. It’s one of those songs that just works from start to finish–perfect for people who like electronic indie rock or even your classic acoustic sound.

So, with the stress of trying to finish the semester on a good note, give yourself a break and kick back while listening to “Sea Legs.”

-Elizabeth Kahn