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Subcomandante Marcos, seen here conveniently not existing.

[Mexico] has no serious prospects of regional secession or disputed territories, unlike the Middle East.

-Enrique Krauze, New York Times

Dear NY Times,

I know financial times are tough and you want to trim the fat, but it is probably not advisable for you to continue to publish your paper sans an editor. Y’know, one of those people in suspenders who hold a pencil between their teeth and squint at the articles you are going to run. They usually serve to make sure you don’t print insane things.

Hell you could just hire some kid to scan Wikipedia and give him or her college credit. Spending 45 seconds visiting at the Wiks would have revealed that: “In August 2003, the EZLN declared all Zapatista territory an autonomous government independent of the Mexican state.”

[pause for any gasps or drinks spit out] (more…)