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Well, actually I guess this list should be six things considering I had no idea Lady Gaga had a boyfriend.  And I pretty much just considered her an ‘it’ since most of the time you can’t even tell there is a human under all that glitter and what not.  Turns out they met while filming the music video to her song “You and I”.  Yeah, the creepy one that starts out in the middle of nowhere.  Oh wait, that’s how all her music videos start.

1. Taylor Kinney—Gaga’s BF, was cast as the love interest in her video.  Apparently they fell in love while Gaga acted as captured mermaid and Kinney played her captor.  Hmm, seems appropriate for Gaga.

2. He’s also a vampire.  He played Mason Lockwood in the second season of “The Vampire Diaries” before he was killed off.  Looks like Gaga’s wrapped up in all that teen heartthrob vampire stuff too.

3.  He wasn’t always on stage, first, he was on camera.  He modeled for L.A. Models and decided to dive into acting.  His first role was in “Fashion House” where he starred with Morgan Fairchild and Bo Derek.

4.  Gaga accompanied him to his brother’s wedding in June.  Seriously… can’t imagine Gaga as a plus one at my wedding.

5.  He grew up in Pennsylvania and studied business management at WVU.  Seems a little too normal for Gaga…

Apparently Gaga still holds a torch for her ex-boyfriend Luc Carl, who honestly looks more like Gaga’s type.  Still hard to believe she’s dating Taylor Kinney, he needs to get a little more crazy before I can believe this relationship…

-Sara Freund