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Technically this isn’t really a blog, but I find this article vital to your preparation for Halloween weekend.

Halloween has sadly, but truly, become the symbolic holiday for dressing slutty and trying to get laid by the hot guy who wears a football jersey and calls it a costume. Due to the high demand from every guy on this campus for girls to wear as little clothing as possible, all while not looking too easy, our job has become 10 times harder.

When you finally sit down to think of what you want to wear, you come to the realization that there are only a few sexy, yet slutty, but not too slutty, but showing enough skin, but not seeming TOO easy, costumes that won’t be seen 143 times in one night. And this, my friends, is where it starts getting creepy and weird.

This article includes the best, worst costumes that you could possibly dress yourself in for this Halloween season. Some of the costumes in the article include a hamburger, real estate agent, and Mr. Potato Head.

My hands down favorite costume would have to be the corn on the cob. Who in their right mind thinks that this costume is sexy? Yes, maybe if we went to school in Hick Town, USA and Bobby Joe who harvests corn for a job would find it sexy, but the guys here at Syracuse have higher standards (shocker, I know).

My second favorite would have to be Bert and Ernie. Not only did Mitt Romney destroy all of our childhood memories of Sesame Street after bashing Big Bird, but now Bert and Ernie have C-cup boobs and the legs of a super model? That is just completely wrong.

For most girls, like myself, I care very little about this degrading holiday and find myself putting together a costume 20 minutes before I head out the door. Which for a sorority girl, it is a talent I have perfected.

So if you take anything away from this article, make sure you don’t put too much thought into it. Like they say, don’t think to hard, you might hurt yourself. Or in this case, don’t think too hard, or you most likely will be going home alone.

-Chelsey Perry