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Syracuse is known for three things: Syracuse University, snow and the Carousel Mall. I’d choose a day of classes with the obstacle of trudging through three feet of snow on the ground any day than another trip to the mall, but let’s not go there. Last year, The Daily Beast named Syracuse the snowiest city in the country with our neighbors to the north, Rochester and Buffalo, coming in second and third, respectively. So, the biggest spectacle in Upstate New York besides watching another losing season by the Buffalo Bills is seeing your house being buried in snow.

But by living in Syracuse the past few weeks you would not even know it’s winter, let alone Christmas time; we have had temperatures reach the mid fifties. But not everyone is complaining–the walk of shame has been less rigorous and it is less dangerous to cross Comstock than it was this time last year. Unless it snows within the next few weeks, Al Gore will be seeking out every global warming skeptic within five miles of the quad saying, “Told ya so.”

The snow this time last December made me reconsider my choosing Syracuse over the University of Denver. But the snow provides Syracuse students with many opportunities, or better yet, excuses. Let’s be honest, some professors do use it as a reason to cancel classes even though they may say otherwise. And for those that live off-campus or in my case last year, Dellpain, it is justification for missing class.

-Brysan Brown

Being at a university that’s home to students from all over the globe, we all know someone who hails from a state or even a country that never, ever sees snow. I’m talking about the kind of place that’s accustomed to a warm climate and seldom dips below 60 degrees. That is the same person who generally expresses extreme envy to us “Northcoasters” over having to go home for the holidays and not being able to experience a white Christmas, even if they don’t technically celebrate the holiday.

Well, to those people I give you “Northcoast Christmas” by The Modern Electric. This is the perfect ode to what the holidays are really like in a region that tends to be consumed by snow around this time. Sure, a white Christmas may seem like a beautiful sight to see in theory, but try living in it for an entire month (or four). TME has it covered with their musings on “lake effect snow,” “digging out our cars” and “dirty decorations.” Yes folks, it’s not all a winter wonderland.

This up-and-coming indie act use their Motion City Soundtrack inspired sound to create an original, less conventional and far more humorous take on a holiday jingle. So, get into the spirit of the season the cool way: “Raise your beer, it’s a Christmas on the Northcoast.”

You can listen to “Northcoast Christmas” in full here.

-Dee Lockett

Picture ‘Cuse: Snow, Lots of It

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Remember that? Yup, this picture was taken on the first snowfall of the year last winter. Lest you think that from the fairly decent weather we’ve been having thus far we might be spared from yet another frigid, white winter–think again. Here’s a pleasant reminder of the blizzard that awaits us.

-Vania Myers

It seems the season of love is fast approaching, as fall is coming to an abrupt close and winter is nearing. Many people say they get more lonely and wanting of a relationship when the weather gets chilly. Weird that the weather has an effect on love? Not really. Both girls and guys get that feeling of wanting to cuddle and hug someone when the wind picks up and it begins to snow. I know us girls just want to wrap ourselves in a blanket and in our man’s arms while watching the snow fall and sipping on some hot chocolate. (If only if my man was here with me on campus to do that with me…)

I guess what I’m trying to get at is that many of my friends have been getting confused by their feelings and emotions lately. Don’t let the cold weather fool you! It really might just be that the chilliness is making you lonely and want someone beside you. If you know you’re confused and you’re not 100 percent sure about your feelings, then wait and be patient about it.

Don’t do something stupid and make decisions on impulse and then go vent to your friends saying how much you regret it. We’re seniors now, and we should know how to control our minds (and bodies). Don’t do or say anything that won’t benefit you, but at the same time won’t deeply hurt that other person either.

If you’re cold and lonely, I suggest you get a kitten or a pillow pet, and stay away from messing around with a human’s heart.

-Ellie Sul

Aside from drinking to stay warm, most students think that the Syracuse winter doesn’t really foster a lot of opportunities for shenanigans. I would beg to differ. From February 17 through 27, downtown Syracuse as well as various other areas in Onondaga County, will host Winterfest 2011. The event includes activities such as a Martini mix-off, a snowman building competition, and tango dancing. Restaurants in the area and other places such as the Rosamond Gifford Zoo will also have special activities. Visit the official website for a full list of events.

Winter in Syracuse can suck, especially when the city has already surpassed the average annual amount of snow and not everyone has a car on campus. Students constantly complain about their lack of entertainment and then do nothing but drink on the weekends. Get your hungover ass off the damn couch and have some good, clean fun! It won’t kill you, I promise.

I came across this as I was walking down the stairs to from the Mount. It’s a flyer for Northeastern University, attempting to recruit people to get a degree in accounting. Too bad we’re already at Syracuse University. There was also a St. John’s School of Medicine poster tacked up next to it.

~Meghin Delaney

Compliments for Everyone!

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Winter can be a depressing time of year.  Right now, people are getting back into the routine of classes and school life and could use a little pick-me-up.  As we trudge through what will likely be a few more gray days ahead, think of giving someone a compliment.

Brett Westcott and Cameron Brown, two juniors at Purdue University, do just that. Their mission is to award compliments to simply make people feel good about themselves and brighten their day–they try to pick something that is unique about an individual in order to show that they really notice the small stuff.

So give a compliment to someone today, maybe you’ll get one too.

[via Purdue]

~Beckett Noyes