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It seems the season of love is fast approaching, as fall is coming to an abrupt close and winter is nearing. Many people say they get more lonely and wanting of a relationship when the weather gets chilly. Weird that the weather has an effect on love? Not really. Both girls and guys get that feeling of wanting to cuddle and hug someone when the wind picks up and it begins to snow. I know us girls just want to wrap ourselves in a blanket and in our man’s arms while watching the snow fall and sipping on some hot chocolate. (If only if my man was here with me on campus to do that with me…)

I guess what I’m trying to get at is that many of my friends have been getting confused by their feelings and emotions lately. Don’t let the cold weather fool you! It really might just be that the chilliness is making you lonely and want someone beside you. If you know you’re confused and you’re not 100 percent sure about your feelings, then wait and be patient about it.

Don’t do something stupid and make decisions on impulse and then go vent to your friends saying how much you regret it. We’re seniors now, and we should know how to control our minds (and bodies). Don’t do or say anything that won’t benefit you, but at the same time won’t deeply hurt that other person either.

If you’re cold and lonely, I suggest you get a kitten or a pillow pet, and stay away from messing around with a human’s heart.

-Ellie Sul