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This winter break provides many opportunities to do things you have never done before. So instead of just hanging out with friends from high school, I suggest you take in the sights and landmarks of your hometown. For instance, visit your local Occupy movement. I know many of the encampments have been torn down by local authorities, but in many cities there is a small residual force screaming at the top of their lungs about being the 99 percent.

Last year I visited my old high school, with the wrong intentions. This year I am going to do a complete 180. I will visit my old stomping grounds but not on such a  happy note; this time I will really let my school administration know how little they prepared me for college. This will of course get me removed from school property by the two obese security guards that only move when they go outside to smoke cigarettes across the street from the school entrance alongside the wannabe beatniks.

As every workplace prepares their holiday party, crash the one at your parents’ office by spiking the really cheap holiday punch. Not only will you get a kick out of this but so will your parents because they would love to tell their jackass boss how much they hate him or her without the fear of their boss actually remembering it.  This way there will be no repercussions following their tirade. Whatever you do over the break, have a good time. You do not have to attend lectures or recitations and I think that is a break we all deserve.

Let Jerk know what your plans are for winter break!

-Brysan Brown

Winter break is coming soon, and it’s time to get friendly with public transportation again. Here are a few pieces of advice and information about the transportation systems here in Syracuse, for those who aren’t familiar with them yet.

Greyhound: I’m personally a Greyhound fan, as I’ve been with these guys since I was a freshman. Make sure to purchase the Student Advantage card in your freshman year if you know you’re going to be traveling a lot back and forth between home and Syracuse. I was stupid to wait to get it this year and didn’t know how awesome it is.

With the card, besides the obvious that it is much cheaper, you also get the benefits of getting the open tickets. This basically lets you get on the bus at any time for that day. If you get lucky and get the beastly buses like Trailways or the new Greyhound, you get more leg room, Wi-Fi and outlets. Also, make sure you arrive at least 30 minutes before your departure time so you get the good seats.

Megabus: As I already mentioned, I’m a Greyhound fan so I don’t really have much to say about Megabus. It’s not that I don’t like it, but I only rode it once. The reason why I prefer Greyhound is because it has more options for stopping points, like going directly to Port Authority in NYC. Megabus doesn’t really have a legit bus station, so it just drops you off at a random area. The bus is, however, rather clean, spacious and big. There’s also sometimes second floor seating, which I want to try. The deal with Megabus is that if you are lucky and purchase tickets at a certain time, you could get it starting from just a buck.

Amtrak: I  have actually traveled by Amtrak only twice, but from those experiences I can tell you that it is very nice and comfortable. The downside to the trains, though, is that most of the tickets are pretty pricey and takes a bit longer than the buses. But if you take the Amtrak, the bathrooms are so much cleaner than the bus, more spacious and relaxing.

Plane: Use¬†Jetblue¬†Airlines. ‘Nuff said.

-Ellie Sul

With the temperature getting so cold you can see your breath and Thanksgiving being so close you can taste it, we reminisce about the summer days spent with our friends from home. This song is great for both nostalgic moments and premature celebrations about the imminent reunion that will come with winter break.

-A.J. Allen