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Bat Those Beauties

Posted: March 1, 2011 by jerkmag in TRIM -- style
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Who needs mink coates, when you got mink lashes

It’s normal to want beautiful, thick, long eyelashes. Heck, I’ve tried almost every mascara around in the search for the crème de la crème. But now you can finally toss the falsies and overrated mascara.
Mink eyelash extensions
, which are small hairs gathered from animals when they naturally fall off, can be attached using surgical-grade glue. Each mink eyelash extension is simply adhered onto your already existing eyelashes. The extensions last for about three months with occasional touchups if needed. Say bye to mascara and hello to fuller, thicker, longer lashes that even come with a boost of confidence.

–Jeanine Guzman

The 5 Grossest iPhone Apps

Posted: December 14, 2009 by Katie in VAULT -- archives
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  • My Vibe

Literally transforms your iPhone into a vibrator. Ladies, be courteous and don’t let other people use your phone afterwards. They don’t want to put your sex toy against their cheek.

Cost: Free!

iphone vibrator app

Turn your iPhone into a vibrator for $0.


Happy holidays, y’all!


Pootrap, “the magical poop collector,” essentially forces dogs to walk around with little plastic baggies blooming out of their backdoors. (more…)

wall This woman is at least 40 years old… Further proof that the elderly  should not be on Facebook. No word yet on how her fiance feels about this.


sorryI hate when that happens. (more…)

“And when you think of masturbation, just think of Jesus.” I think we all know where this guy came from. (more…)

fetishGlad to see this is a “resolved question.” (more…)

Perhaps the worst infomercial of all time, the Comfort Wipe has modernized the “archaic” process of wiping your ass. (more…)

Leave it to puppets more terrifying than Chucky to help lost souls find Jesus. They should know, since it looks like each doll just rose straight from the pits of Hell.

I’ve gotta go take a cold shower.

~Katie Allyn