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“I just get like stupid high. Like, it’s ridiculous.” My roommate just admitted this laughingly. We are sitting in our dorm talking with our guy friend about our stints with Mary Jane. Our friend, let’s call him ‘Jack’, reached for the pink swirly bowl we keep on the end table and asked “you guys burn?” After we confessed that we were self proclaimed “stoner sisters”, he chuckled but did not reciprocate in sharing the hobby. When asked why he quit lighting up, Jack simply stated that he “had a bad trip.”

You’re probably laughing to yourself now saying something like “who is this douche bag that thinks he was ‘tripping’ off weed? That’s the kind of response I typically have to anyone who compares this recreational fucking plant of a drug to something similar to LSD. Anyway, I am writing this because this Jack character is not the first to have a frightening experience with this drug. One of my roommates is opposed to marijuana because she too has had an extremely scary high. So much so, that she is completely turned off to smoking completely. While I cannot imagine what a “bad trip” off weed is like, similar to how I cannot see how people can have a “bad drunk” off wine, I do sympathize for those unable to experience all that the ganja has to offer.

Obviously because I think I am weed’s personal public advocate, whenever I hear such stories I automatically utter, “laced”. I mean let’s be real,  if you “can’t feel your face” or one half of your body is hot and the other cold, or whatever bullshit, that’s the result of some mescaline or something. Though everyone’s high is different, and funny sensations as well as mild paranoia while on the drug are normal, physically painful or mentally debilitating symptoms are probably not the result of that reg you bought off your cousins friend in that one fraternity house.

I am not saying that you should smoke if you don’t like it; just take away from this article that weed is not a drug that you should be afraid of or tentative to try.  For the same reason college students need coffee, we need the opposite effect just as much. Glad I got this out in time for the “One World Concert”.

-Deanna Viel

Right before I was going to start writing my articles this week, I was watching one of my favorite TV shows The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. If you have never watched it (yeah right), I don’t think we can be friends. Anyways. I came to find out that not only is NYC trying to ban soft drinks larger than 16oz but they are also trying to decriminalize possession of weed under 25 grams.

I simply cannot make this topic as funny as Jon Stewart put it, so below is the segment on these two topics by Jon that you should thoroughly enjoy. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past god knows how many years The Daily Show airs on Comedy Central – channel 50 on campus, Monday-Thursday nights at 11 p.m.

Due Comedy Central not allowing you to embed directly, you can view the clip here

-Chelsey Perry

I hope everyone enjoyed the recent 4/20 holiday. It inspired me to do some research on marijuana (otherwise known as weed, pot, tree, hash, green, bud, ganja, sticky, cannabis, mary jane, grass, dope, herb, kush etc.) and the myths of smoking. What we hear and see in the media is influential and we are receiving a lot of diverse opinions regarding this popular drug. Cannabis is a plant containing over 400 chemical compounds, with the major one being THC. It is the most widely used illicit drug, and as we know, it provides a mood altering high. (more…)

If you are up for the challenge, and you want some free pornography and pot, you could always get trapped in a mine in Chile for 69 days. I am sure you’ve heard about the 33 miners trapped 2,050 feet beneath rock back in August. The traumatic event really was no laughing matter, and the men survived a despite the lack of food, living space, and oxygen. Thankfully, all 33 men survived and were rescued by a steel capsule. They were medically treated and reunited with friends and family after the traumatic experience. Although the men are now seen as heroes by most, they are just like you and me.