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Missoni crashed Target’s website on Tuesday. Wait, what? Yeah, that was my reaction too. I’m sure the crash was equivalent to when tickets for a Justin Bieber concert go on sale. I wouldn’t know, but I can certainly imagine the magnitude of such an event. Target didn’t anticipate such a huge response, and, frankly, I wouldn’t have either. Who’d expect an entire collection to sell out in 10-15 minutes?!

Several news sites stated that the site crashed multiple times throughout Tuesday and once more Wednesday morning. Target began displaying a disclaimer page after the second crash. On the page was a picture of the Target dog and the message “We are suddenly extremely popular.” Now, I was one of those lucky enough to experience this firsthand. However, I was not one of those enthusiastic Missoni aficionados seeking Margherita Missoni’s accessories, or the no-label Missoni jackets for $69.99. I was just trying to look up bicycle prices. No, not the special Missoni bike that costs $399.00-$399.99. The boring kind. Completely unaware of the new collaboration between the Italian designer and mega retailer, imagine my surprise and confusion when I was greeted by a smiling dog excusing its “popularity.”