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Jerks can’t type like this

Posted: September 20, 2012 by jerkmag in ZONE -- syracuse
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My typewriter sticks when I use it for play. I have just invested in a new MacBook that was shipped to my door; all I had to do was click a few keys, type in some numbers, watch my bank account drop significantly and it arrived. I am too lazy to buy a ribbon and some ‘grease’ for my sticky typewriter.

Simple and sturdy, manual typewriters are returning to the tips and taps of people’s fingers. Despite not being able to do anything more than type, they have returned as vintage machines – some especially cheap – commonly used for letters, novels, and often times for blogs.

There’s a punch. Typewriters are more like luggage; the typing sound is more of a loud note on the musical scale and mistakes are apparent even after they’ve been deleted. But the distractions of YouTube funniest videos, surfing the Internet and Skype have been eliminated. The importance of font, typeface and size are concerns for the more advanced machines. And if one were to try and hack into a typewriter, they would only get to the ribbon.

Yet for some, the typewriter creates an almost romantic experience with one’s words – watching character after character take shape on the paper. No automatic spell check to interfere with one’s creativity; the lines of green and red underlining words and sentences with mistakes and more often then not, pressing ‘ignore’ to get rid of those distracting squiggles. It is the content that matters and without the bright computer screen, the instrument becomes this physical thing, not a thinking thing, but a fosterer of words that perhaps makes what one is trying to say more clear.

But while I write here, I’ve taken several breaks to check my e-mail. I’ve searched online to see why on earth people are using these obsolete machines that in this century will perhaps foster one’s creativity but makes everything else more difficult. Without a doubt, if you’re one to use this machine, you’re going to fall behind with technology because no chance are typewriters coming back to compete with Apple’s newest designs.

-Beatrice Schachenmayr