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Newlyweds Pt. II?

Nick Lachey and fiance Vanessa Minnillo, after careful thought and reasoning, have decided against a TLC reality show on their married lives together. Instead, they both agreed on having the ceremony itself televised, and stopping after that. “I would never want to put ourselves through a reality show again,” says Lachey, “This is a different process: There’s a beginning, an end, and then it’s over, it’s done.”

‘Jersey Shore’ Says Goodbye To Vinny

According to reports, the “Jersey Shore” star is calling it quits after an argument with an unnamed cast member. He has since packed his bags, headed home to Staten Island and, apparently, has no intentions of coming back. MTV has made no comment, but rather suggests that all questions will be answered by season five.




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Snooki makes it clear: “It was like trying to stick a watermelon through a pinhole.” Hide your children, she’s talking about the one, the only: Vinny Guadagnino’s penis.

Playgirl offered this hung hunk a whopping 30,000 dollars to pose nude for the magazine, and get a wax mold of his junk for a nationally sold sex toy.

When asked how he initially felt about the offer, Vinny respectfully responded: “Nah, I got my mom.” Isn’t. That. Adorable? Mama Guadagnino wouldn’t be too pleased to find a replica of her son’s genitalia or his naked body in a magazine.

Moral of the story: when in doubt, do the unthinkable. Hook up with a gremlin. You may or may not become an expensive sex toy.

If Vinny does end up turning down the offer, you can still have fun! Playgirl owns Clone-A-Willy, which fellow blogger Jessica mentioned last week. Watch the video on her post; even without Vinny, you can take comfort in a waxy replica of your boyfriend’s business.

~Julia Fuino