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One thing I would not have been able to tell you about being a freshman at Syracuse–until actually becoming a freshman at ‘Cuse–is the importance of Nintendo 64 to freshmen boys.

I don’t know if it’s just all freshmen boys or the ones in my particular hall, but if there is one thing for girls to perfect over the summer before coming to Syracuse are your old Nintendo 64 skills. For any freshman girl wondering how to meet a nice guy in the dorms, now is your chance to ask for a Nintendo 64 or GameCube for Christmas and start practicing for next semester.

Personally, it’s been about eight years since I last challenged my sister to a game of Super Mario Bros. and I slightly regret it. If I would of known that my video-gaming skills could possibly come in handy in college, then I might of thought twice before throwing them out.

P.S. Nintendo GameCube could become your new Ski House on a Thursday night when those blizzards start hitting us hard–and I’m not referring to the degree at which you’ve been partying.

Party hard, play harder.

-Fresh Meat

2012 may bring us the apocalypse, but it may also bring us a great new exhibition on the art of video games.  That’s right.  The Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. is planning an exhibition called “The Art of Video Games” for their American Art Museum.  Set to open on March 16, 2012, the exhibition will display the evolution of video games as an artistic medium over the past 40 years.  “The Art of Video Games” plans to focus on striking visual effects, creative technology, and influential video game designers.


This is it folks, the moment has been fast approaching, and now it’s so close.  We are on the looming threshold of one of the year’s greatest events…PAX East.  For the gamers reading right now, PAX likely needs no introduction, but I must cater to those who I wish to bring into the fold. So bear with me.


For those of you who play games on you iPhone or Android device, you’ve probably tried out the popular “Angry Birds”.  If so, you’ll get a kick out of this cake a man made for his son’s 6th birthday.  It’s modeled after the game and is fully playable!  Who says you can’t play with your food?
For those of you who bought Marvel vs. Capcom 3, or are playing a friend’s copy, you may already be finding your favorite characters and some combos to go with them.  My friend found this one online for Dante.  Good luck topping it! 😛

Marvel vs. Capcom, a series that we thought ended over a decade ago, is now back and packing a punch with its third installment.  The new game, MvC3 is very different from the other two games in the series, but I’ll try not to get too technical for all the casual gamers reading this.  So here it goes.

Upon starting the game, you’ll immediately notice a change in graphics from the previous versions.  The stages and characters are in full 3D, despite the 2D gameplay.  The amount of characters has been reduced from a whopping 56 in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 to mere 36 in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (no you don’t have enough characters to choose from 😛 ).  This is actually really nice though, because each character is unique and they are now (mostly) balanced.  The controls have also been changed, but again, I won’t get too technical.


FIFA 11 Debuts; Nobody Notices

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soft sailor



I love soccer, but FIFA is not Madden.  The FIFA 11 video game was recently released and honestly, I’m not sure how many people noticed. The game does have some pretty cool new features, but soccer still isn’t a popular enough sport in the United States.  Let’s just face it, soccer fans, people would always rather throw a ball up and down the field with a joy stick than kick a ball up and down the field with a joy stick.  If only these people could actually play sports in real life.

~Meghin Delaney

yahoo answers fail


Everybody knows dogs can already skateboard, but I bet you didn’t know they could play skateboarding video games. This little bulldog has got some seriously impressive moves, he does a 360!

“Tony Hawk: Ride”, the newest installment in the popular skateboarding simulator, provides a board shaped controller (in the next move towards just getting people to actually go out and skateboard). (more…)

A New Type Of Fiend

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It counts as cardiovascular exercise if your heart races right?

I’m a fiend. I can admit that. It really is a disease, this video game stuff. I know it is not really a sport, but to me it is. I am always in the pursuit of perfection. I search for ways to better my skills. I can work on a team or by myself. I even sometimes sweat when I play.

I’ve been playing video games forever, but I started living them in college. My friends and I went through ridiculous sessions of the NBA 2k series. We skipped dinners to play. We had player introductions with the lights out. And there was this one time we bet $100 dollars, double or nothing, on a game. It was, is, crazy. So much so that someone did a documentary on our “psychoness.” (more…)