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Picture 7When it comes to going to the gym, finding the motivation to workout is half the battle. The other half is Syracuse weather. (Pause for laughter and some ha-ha’s.) Before I get ahead of myself, be sure to check out my fellow blogger, Chelsey Perry’s post about running in cold climates. You’ll be surprised how beneficial it is to your health!

For those of us cringing at the very thought of running in the cold, for girls especially, it’s due to the fact that we don’t necessarily want to layer our gym shorts with sweatpants when there is only an hour break in between classes for a workout.

Fortunately, where there is a will, there is a way. I’ve discovered that there are some types of athletic gear you can wear fashionably to class and still be able to head straight to the gym, without having to carry around another set of clothes with you all day long.
Now, this doesn’t apply to everyone, as there are some people that sweat kiddie pools in an average workout. But, if you are not that kind of person, get a pair of leggings made out of luon, or a dry-fit type of material, throw on some sneakers, and the look is good to go. Check out Lululemon luon fabric, Nike dry-fit fabric, and Under Armour, for winter-friendly workout clothes. Also, the new VSX athletic line by Victoria’s Secret carries newly designed tops with built-in support, so they’re gym friendly and fashion forward – which essentially means that you can nix the sports bra.

The final obstacle between a person and a workout at this point, is easily getting past the desk attendant with street shoes without them having to make a scene about it.

Fashionably yours,

Jenna Jacobsen