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Now that Thanksgiving Break has come to a close, this is what we should all be prepared to see any week now. Remember, it can strike at any time. Get excited freshmen!

-Victoria Troxler

Last week on “The Ellen Degeneres Show,” one future English popstar and her sidekick met and performed with Nicki Minaj. There are so many things I could say about this video, but I think it speaks for itself.

-Victoria Troxler

Here is a trailer that will leave you at a loss for words, and not in a good way. Somehow, someone thought it would be beneficial to popular culture to serve us with a remake of “Footloose.” Unfortunately, this person was incredibly wrong as no film could ever compare favorably with the original. What’s worse? The trailer! I came across it while seeing “Horrible Bosses,” which by the way is an awesome comedy!

However, this trailer made me want to puke. At first, I thought I was being fed another trailer for a car racing moving. Next, Julianne Hough, best known for her appearances on “Dancing with the Stars” and very poorly known for her country music career, popped out of nowhere. And to add a little cheese, all of a sudden a parking lot dance off takes place. It channeled “Stomp the Yard” a little too much for me. So all in all, I think I’m going to pass on this one.

-Victoria Troxler

I woke up this morning to an entire day-ruining email that began with this incredibly sarcastic and far too excited opener:

“Who uses 15 thousand pounds of paper, killing 194 trees; consumes 224 million BTUs of energy; and emits over 44 thousand pounds of carbon dioxide and as much sulfur dioxide as 35 eighteen-wheelers driving year-round? We do! The printing done in the Newhouse computer labs generate those staggering numbers–not to mention a huge cost!”

While reading this all I could think was: What the hell is tuition actually paying for? If you’re a Newhouse student, you have or will have taken graphics, and probably a few other creative design classes. This means you will most likely need to test print several copies of your work before you turn in the final project. I remember printing out tons of copies of my magazine project before I got my final product right. What would that cost me now? Probably less than $10 but still an expense that as a poor college student, I shouldn’t have to pay.


Hands down Jerk of the week goes to designer Rachel Roy, who’s Celine inspired get up sent a roaring “fuck you” to stylists everywhere.  At the premiere of the Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess film, “One Day,” Roy decided to take the frat boy approach to the event and wear pajamas.

Not only did she wear these heinous pajamas she didn’t bother to do her hair and decided to really go for it with her “I’m an old woman reading in bed” glasses. Newsflash: if you wear onesies to a red carpet event and pair it with fabulous shoes and an expensive handbag, well you’re still wearing a onesie, and you’re still a jackass.

While other celebs sported tuxes and thousand dollar gowns, Roy found it appropriate to do her “own thing” and sport this Celine Resort 2012 inspired “trend.” As a result, Roy has been the laughing stock of the blogging world. Of course she will never live down Bjorks’ swan dress moment, sorry Rachel. Love her clothes, hate hate hate this trend.

-Victoria Troxler

The highly anticipated partnership between Missoni and Target is finally underway. In fact, they have released preliminary images to a popular fashion Tumblr, as a different approach to PR. Hopefully, the online hype will help sales of their underwhelming items. The partnership branches beyond just clothing and dips its foot in tech accessories and even home goods. So what’s the general opinion about the get up?

The bicycle is awesome and the teacups are great, but with an average price point of  “little to nothing,” the clothing is generally subpar. The textiles will obviously not come close in comparison to the luxury Missoni the world knows, and I say then why bother? I hate cheap fabric; it’s itchy and falls apart quickly.

Missoni has built an empire on indulgent prints made out of only the most luxurious fabrics. Anything other than the best is simply a lookalike. Although, I would kill to own that bicycle, I would definitely pass on the polyester shift dress. There will be over 400 items though, so maybe I will be pleasantly surprised. If not, the home goods are pretty awesome.

The whole collection will be available at September 15.

-Victoria Troxler

This week Ann Taylor released their new ad campaign, featuring an incredibly firm and wrinkle-free Demi Moore (peculiar considering her age). She is so airbrushed that she looks 20 years younger, or rather like a completely different person. Since I work in the fashion industry, I personally turn a cheek to airbrushing, but transforming 50-year-olds into 16-year-olds has recently recaptured my interest. With all the press from the UK’s ban on ads of overly airbrushed models, I think it would be nice to be served with a dose of reality. A wrinkle and a dark spot here or there would be rather refreshing, and possibly give hope to the average women of the world.

Just last week the UK Advertising Standards Authority banned L’Oreal ads featuring Christy Turlington and Julia Roberts. Obviously, we all know and accept these to be airbrushed, so why the ban? The ads feature anti-aging products that take credit for the mysterious disappearance of their wrinkles. Members of parliament deemed these ads to be false advertising and decided that the images could be detrimental to women. To this I say right on UK Parliament! We know foundation can’t give you a face lift; let’s lay off the Photoshop. Let the crow’s feet and sagging eyelids run free.

-Victoria Troxler

If you’re a crazed online shopper like I am, then you probably know that Zara doesn’t have an e-commerce site for the U.S. Last year they made their products available online to select European countries, but not the U.S.! So when you simply do not want to walk into a crowded Manhattan Zara store, well you’re shit out of luck.

If you’re a Zara shopper, then you definitely know what I’m talking about. You’re forced to shimmy your way around a million people and when you finally have your items to try on, well, you really need a Disneyland fast pass to bypass the hour wait. Oh, and by the way you can only have six items in the room at a time. Awesome. Sorry for rubbing it in, but there is an upside to this post.

The U.S. e-commerce site for Zara is officially launching in the states! Starting September 4th, you will finally be able to skip the theme park long lines of the Zara dressing rooms! My advice: boycott that godforsaken place until then.

-Victoria Troxler
Don’t snort tanning solution. Yes, you read that correctly. Apparently the crazies of the UK don’t think a statement like that is common sense. I came across an overly scientific article from The Daily Mail outraged about the side effects of a snortable tanning product Ubertan. There is no medical back up needed here people, don’t stick shit up your nose. Don’t do it! Anthea Tonks, a 35-year-old “victim” of her own stupidity, suffered a heart attack after snorting the solution.

Our minds are constantly saturated with messages encouraging us to accept our bodies and love ourselves, but clearly beauty addictions are stronger than those bubble gum messages.  However, when you suffer a heart attack from trying to look like Snooki, you should probably reassess your priorities. I think maybe, just maybe, beauty stores also need to take the initiative to educate themselves about the products they sell.


If I was still a middle school child and admired pop stars, this week I would have learned that smoking cigarettes and getting tattoos are acceptable things to do. I love America! Not only did Justin Bieber show off his “religious” Hebrew tattoo, he also posed topless with his incredibly creepy looking father who adorned a matching one. Awkward and inappropriate? Check and check. If you want a tattoo, more power to you Justin, but showing it off to all the little girls in the world probably won’t help your record sales. I guarantee their mothers don’t appreciate your support for teen tats.