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Here’s the scene: you two are on a couch smoking a bowl, his hand is on your leg and the two of you are close. He leans in for a kiss, you drunkenly accept it, and within a minute your sucking face to 2 Chainz. Is it gross? Is it too much for a party setting, just right, or not enough?

I found myself in this situation nights ago, and though I have no problem admitting it now, I still feel uncomfortable with the setting it took place in versus the hookup ratio that I potentially violated. I’m sure no one was super uncomfortable, because like I said, my tonsil hockey partner and I were sitting in our own space alone on a couch. I  don’t want to be that girl that others look at annoyingly, muttering things like “get a room.”

How much hooking up is acceptable at parties? How much is too much? If I feel uncomfortable with a little making out on a couch, how do other people straddle their suitors in the middle of the kitchen, or have dry sex on the dance floor without asking a similar question?

In my opinion, keep in mind that I am no slut, but certainly no a prude either, if you feel uncomfortable at all, then onlookers probably do too. So if a guy groping you on the dance floor is something that you don’t mind, then grind on my shameless sister. If you feel others looking at you throwing up in their mouths a little, then it’s probably appropriate that you stop the public hookup. Not only does your discretion matter, but those around you should influence your behavior as well. For example, even if you are totally comfortable with sucking face in the middle of the dance floor with your hottie, others might not feel just as totally comfortable with it. If you are in a crowded area, or a more intimate setting, I am going to ask that you not openly “get it” in the middle of an open party.

I mean obviously I am first to realize that hook-ups happen, but there is a certain classiness that should come with sucking face with strangers in a basement, you know?

– Deanna Viel

There is no doubt in my mind that college-aged students have a “problem” with alcohol. We consume large amounts of it, binge drink on it, and even sometimes mix it with other substances. But more prevalent on campus than the problem we have with alcohol, is the problem we have with sobriety.

Whether you’re the DD, or the sober sibling of your Greek life party, being the seemingly ONLY ONE in the room not fucked up seems to be a major buzzkill. From what I’ve seen, people can have a serious issue with having to be sober and out at parties, even for just one night.

Yeah, “Levels” by Avicii while your grinding in the smelly basement of a frat is definitely not gonna be a good time abstemious, it is beginning to worry me that some of my friends can’t even think about walking to DJ’s without first downing at least four mixed drinks. We now have to pre-game the pre-game, and even drink before the after-party.

To spend a night in eating Hagen Daas and watching Netflix, is a lesser crime then going out and “not feeling” like drinking.

That really, really sober kid at a party leaves with a worse rap than the really, really drunk kid.

Similarly, we view drinking as a social activity, so our tales of drinking and drunkenness become the most widely regarded means of social interaction. Our timelines on twitter are scattered with blurry, dark instagram photos of our friends and peers passed out in the grass the night before; filled with tweets with hashtags that sound like they belong in Katy Perry’s “TGIF” song. You walk through the dining hall on any given Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning and the only words heard while standing in line for eggs are “I was literally so drunk last night, literally.”

My point is, not only is drinking glamorized in our society; it’s counterpart, sobriety, has now been absolutely shunned from the college community.

It’s no longer drinking that is the problem, it god-awful sobriety with a much worse connotation.

– Deanna Viel

With it only being one of the first few weeks of classes, I can definitely say “‘tis the season for the annual shit-show that is Syracuse University during the first few weeks back.” We’ve missed the tipsy vibe of the campus, the “friends” that we only take Instagram pics with when we’re hammered, and hell, maybe some of us even missed the dark and sweaty frat parties. But what surpasses all of the above in longing are those annual drunken hookups. The “accidental” slip of your tongue into a shamefully drunk freshman in your bedroom at your frat house, or the fun blonde returning to the hockey house to prey on her crush from last year. There’s just something about those first couple of weeks that is seemingly an aphrodisiac. Or maybe it’s the Xanax in the jungle juice at Castle Court. Regardless, there is some unspoken aura surrounding campus like a second dome, distinguishing in all of our not-yet-burned-out minds that it’s mating season. So, by all means leave that fraternity with the shaggy haired blonde you keep calling by the wrong name, or walk the mini-skirt clad freshman home to BBB because I’m sure by October these opportunities will be farther and fewer. There’s nothing that says welcome back quite like waking up next to someone you don’t know, right?

-Deanna Viel

“I just get like stupid high. Like, it’s ridiculous.” My roommate just admitted this laughingly. We are sitting in our dorm talking with our guy friend about our stints with Mary Jane. Our friend, let’s call him ‘Jack’, reached for the pink swirly bowl we keep on the end table and asked “you guys burn?” After we confessed that we were self proclaimed “stoner sisters”, he chuckled but did not reciprocate in sharing the hobby. When asked why he quit lighting up, Jack simply stated that he “had a bad trip.”

You’re probably laughing to yourself now saying something like “who is this douche bag that thinks he was ‘tripping’ off weed? That’s the kind of response I typically have to anyone who compares this recreational fucking plant of a drug to something similar to LSD. Anyway, I am writing this because this Jack character is not the first to have a frightening experience with this drug. One of my roommates is opposed to marijuana because she too has had an extremely scary high. So much so, that she is completely turned off to smoking completely. While I cannot imagine what a “bad trip” off weed is like, similar to how I cannot see how people can have a “bad drunk” off wine, I do sympathize for those unable to experience all that the ganja has to offer.

Obviously because I think I am weed’s personal public advocate, whenever I hear such stories I automatically utter, “laced”. I mean let’s be real,  if you “can’t feel your face” or one half of your body is hot and the other cold, or whatever bullshit, that’s the result of some mescaline or something. Though everyone’s high is different, and funny sensations as well as mild paranoia while on the drug are normal, physically painful or mentally debilitating symptoms are probably not the result of that reg you bought off your cousins friend in that one fraternity house.

I am not saying that you should smoke if you don’t like it; just take away from this article that weed is not a drug that you should be afraid of or tentative to try.  For the same reason college students need coffee, we need the opposite effect just as much. Glad I got this out in time for the “One World Concert”.

-Deanna Viel

Meet the Bloggers: Deanna Viel

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Sup, Jerks! I’m Deanna Viel, and I’ll blogging about your guilty pleasures, drugs, sex & alcohol. But before you get your panties wet let me give you some blogger background info.

Year and Major/Minor– Sophomore Slump, Broadcast & Digital Journalism with a minor in Communications and Rhetorical Studies

Hometown– Rochester, NY

Most Embarrassing Moment- Probably hitting a freshman girl with my car in my high school parking lot.

Biggest Lie I’ve Gotten Away With– A lady never kisses and tells.

Movie I Could Watch Over and Over Again- Anything with Anna Faris- love you girl!

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Meet Michelle Money. (Yes, her last name really is Money). Michelle is just another hopeless romantic on this season of “The Bachelor.” But unlike most of the other contestants (minus the chick with the fangs), she is borderline insane. (more…)

Rihanna’s latest released video, “S&M,” has stirred up a lot of controversy. I do believe the song includes some promiscuous language:

“‘Cause I may be bad, but I’m perfectly good at it
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Sticks and stones may break my bones,
But chains and whips excite me.” (more…)

Evan Dinger, Vices Blogger

What’s happenin’?  My name is Evan Dinger and I will be writing in the VICES section, which focuses on sex, drugs, and alcohol.  Expect me to give you the word on obscure mixed drinks (see College Cocktails from my personal blog), share some tales of debauchery, and remind you to always use a spotter when jerking off with a noose around your neck.

Major: Television, Radio, & Film

Minor: Information Studies & Technology

Year: Junior

Hometown: Princeton, NJ

Favorite breakfast cereal: Honey Nut Cheerios

One lie I got away with: Yes sir I’m from California, born and raised.  I actually just turned 23.  Could you put this on debit?

Two things on my bucket list: Travel to Southeast Asia & go out drinking with Christopher Hitchens

Three celebrities I love: Robert Downey Jr., Christopher Walken, & Bill Murray

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