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When you can’t forgive, forget; when you can’t forget, accept…

…But whatever you do, try not to vent.

When an ex-boyfriend broke up with me two years ago, the time I didn’t spend crying and listening to Adele, was spent recounting all of his repulsive and annoying tendencies to my friends.

When I wasn’t making fun of his terrible fashion sense or that unfortunate “surfing accident” scar (cough cough, it was really just a birthmark, cough cough), I was waging my own personal war against his new girlfriend. Venting about my failed relationship had become an addiction that I just couldn’t kick.

I thought that venting about my problems would make me feel better at the time, but looking back on it, my venting just brought about more bad feelings. According to a study at Kent University, those who vent about stressful events in their lives can actually do more harm to themselves than good in getting those feelings out.  “Venting is not an effective strategy for anyone trying to cope,” said Ohio State University professor Brad Bushman in an article by TODAY Health.