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Bling For His Thing

Posted: September 18, 2011 by jerkmag in POP - pop culture
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So we know there’s such a thing as “VaJazzle,” which is the brand that’s given women everywhere the power to add crystals to their lady parts. But now, the makers of “VaJazzle” have announced the “PeJazzle”. Why? Because obviously some guy’s girlfriend told him that she’d really love it if his thing had some bling.

First of all, if she’s suggesting any kind of “add-on” to whatever the hell you’ve got going on down there, either consider male enhancements or a new girlfriend–not Swarovski Crystals. Please, don’t think this is ok. Please, don’t think about it or look it up. I’m giving you all the information you need to know. There is no need to research any further. It exists. It’s out there. And it shouldn’t be coming to a penis near you (unless you roll that way.)

Since we’re on the subject: here’s a map of the world statistically depicting the average male sex organ per country. And yes, Canada is beating the States.

-Julia Fuino

Ladies: have you found yourselves in a (shall we say) “hairy” situation with your boyfriend? Are you finding the same old Brazilian as dull and bland? Fear not, for there is hope that will once again make your vadge sparkle. You may recall (as I don’t and therefore had to look up because I had an allegedly deprived childhood) the Bedazzler that allows you to add rhinestones to any piece of clothing or fabric. But, it’s 2010 and time to put fabrics aside and use your bare skin instead. Bedazzler+Vagina=Vajazzling.

There are somethings words really can’t describe, so take a look at this semi-NSFW video about the process (or jump to :30 for a really thorough explanation).