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While perusing the Interwebz this week, I just happened to stumble across this little gem. Now, it’s common knowledge that Ryan Gosling (“The Notebook,” “Drive,”) is the perfect man. He’s intelligent, handsome and well-dressed–every woman’s fantasy. But did you also know Ryan Gosling is a feminist?!

Well, neither does he, really. As you might imagine, this blog isn’t actually run by Gosling himself, but rather by a University of Wisconsin gender studies grad student named Danielle. She initially started the blog as a means to remember the theorists she’s currently studying, but the blog has since taken off. And understandably so, considering it’s hilarious and much more creative than flash cards.

Inspired by the popular Fuck Yeah! Ryan Gosling Tumblr “Hey Girl” salutation, Danielle has created a blog where you can brush up on your feminist theory while admiring various photos of Ryan Gosling’s face. Ladies and gay gentlemen, this one’s for you.

-Dee Lockett