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“Last week on ‘America’s Next Top Model!’” (Tyra voice). Yeah, it’s still on and currently wrapping up Cycle 17. The theme this season has been ANTM All-Stars where all the favorites who might have won from previous seasons came back for another chance at becoming America’s Next Top Model. Tyson Beckford, male supermodel and all around gorgeous man, was on the judges’ panel for last week’s episode. It seems he was less than enthusiastic about fan favorite Allison Harvard, calling her “unpersonable” and finding her looks “uninspiring.”

Her fans, the Allistans, did not take kindly to Beckford’s comments. Thank goodness for Twitter because they were able to let their disappointment show, and in true attention whore nature, he was able to respond. Unfortunately, his reply makes him out to be quite the cocky model we assumed but hoped he wasn’t.

And unfortunately for him, it seems he will have other issues to deal with, namely Tyra. Considering his comments about Harvard and his laughter about knowing who wins, his rant has disclosed information about the possible outcome of the season. Even though he didn’t explicitly say who the winner would be, he strongly implied who it wouldn’t be. No good. And that, I imagine, might bring up a lawsuit or at least the wrath of Tyra.

– Nadjma Sako

Even though SU alum Dennis Crowley founded Foursquare and SU was found to be one of the most active schools on Twitter, Syracuse has now ranked among the ten least social cities in the United States. NetProspex, a sales and marketing company, calculated the social media presence of cities throughout the country. The Salt City claimed the title of No. 8 “least social cities,” while Anchorage, AK took the top spot.

Many students in the Syracuse area are on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, but NetProspex only included those who use a corporate email. It seems that many people were left out in the calculations. It’s worth noting that many of the cities on the least social list are in obscure places. Also, the majority of the most social cities are on the West Coast.

Want to see the full list, click here. Do you think Syracuse deserved to land on the least social list?

-Nicole Fisher

Tweets we love

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Apparently February 18th was Arts Advocacy Day on twitter…

Here are some of our favorite tweets with the #artsadvoc hashtag. Comment on this post with why YOU support the arts!


This week, America’s favorite pop roller coaster, Britney Spears, reveled the name and cover art of her upcoming seventh studio album, “Femme Fatale,” via Twitter.  The cover features an unbeweaveably blonde Britney giving gazers her signature bedroom eyes.  The font choice is less than desirable, but it is an arguable improvement over her last two album covers for Blackout and Circus.  Spears also tweeted a dedication to her fans, dubbing the album “sexy and strong… dangerous yet mysterious.”  Whether the album will deliver or whether Spears actually knows what twitter even is has yet to be determined, but either way, the new era looks promising.  Manager Adam Leber revealed this week “she will be everywhere” (magazines, TV appearances, etc.).  This Britney connoisseur can say that the new cover looks like albums In The Zone and Blackout had a lovechild.  If the sound of the new album follows suit in any way, this will be a good era for B.

Last summer you logged in to Twitter and looked to the bottom of your screen in utter horror. There, next to the lowest trending topic (Toy Story 3) was that little gold box with the word “Promoted.” My jaw dropped to the floor; I couldn’t believe it was happening so soon.

In Twitter’s quest to reach 1 billion users (a feat I’m positive they’ll accomplish by the end of the year), they have finally resorted to advertising. It’s understandable; times are still tough and we all need to do whatever it takes to turn a profit.

Twitter announced that it will offer three new modes of advertising inspired by Promoted Trends. It will have Promoted Accounts starting with Xbox and HBO. It will show ads on all Twitter apps, something that has previously been exclusive to the website.

Lastly are Promoted Tweets. The ad departments of certain companies can pay to have Promoted Tweets appear at the top of search results.

So I guess the time has finally come for the corporate takeover of Twitter. In the words of the great villainous mastermind, Joker, “If you’re good at something, never do it for free.” It’s all about the Benjamins, baby.

~Dee Lockett

Social media is all over campus. If you’re on Twitter, make sure you follow some SU athletes. They’re pretty good for laughs and they tweet at each other a lot!  I tried to pick out the most active players for you and they’re all guys, because, well, I like guys.

Scoop Jardine: Guard on the basketball team, #11. Did you know Scoop’s first name is actually Antonio? Jardine is a junior from Philly, majoring in health and wellness.

Van Chew: Wide receiver on the football team, #85. Chew is a junior communications and rhetorical studies major from Manassas, Virginia.

Kris Joseph: Forward on the basketball team, #32. Joseph was born in Canada and went to high school in Washington, D.C. He’s in the College of Human Ecology.

Chandler Jones: Defensive end on the football team, #99. Jones is from Endicott, N.Y. and was member of the Spring Athletic Director’s Honor Roll in 2010. Jones is a junior majoring in child and family studies.

Mike Holmes: Free safety on the football team, #35.  Holmes is a junior from Jacksonville, Florida. He’s is a psychology major and shares a name with a famous Canadian carpenter.

~Meghin Delaney


Last week, Whack Ass Shit connoisseur Nicole told us about Katy Perry’s Sesame Street appearance, and the boobs that got her video kicked off the air. I have an update.

Russell Brand, Katy’s hubby-to-be and my least favorite Jesus doppelgänger, tweeted about the big ‘ol snub from Big Bird:

“Today’s ‘Sesame Street’ will NOT be brought to you by the number 34 or the letter D.”

Way to stand up for your lady, Russell. A teensy bit of chivalry, in 140 characters or less.

~Julia Fuino

What’s With Justin Bieber?

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I must be the only one left in the world who doesn’t know why Justin Bieber is such a big deal. My friends who have graduated are obsessed, the twitter world is obsessed (every minute there are about 285 mentions of him on Twitter — yes, I timed it), and he’s all over the radio and BET (the latter confuses me).

So let’s examine his fine qualities. He is a 16-year-old singer from –ehem– Canada, and he sounds like a girl. *Editor’s note: Bieber is also apparently a moron, as he does not know what the word “German” means. See video below.*

When I first heard one of his songs on the radio, it felt like my ears were bleeding. I seriously thought he was a little girl. This made me wonder what is really going on here. If I thought it was a girl, then I’m thinking others thought he was a girl too. And he’s singing about girls…so basically it’s girl-on-girl action.

And then I begin to wonder…what is his voice going to sound like when he hits puberty full on? I hope he sounds horrible. I know that’s harsh, but he’s getting so much money now that I think his bank account can handle a hit like that.

With all that aside, I am open to your explanations of why he’s so “hot” (please read in a valley girl voice). And despite all of my negativity toward him, I do wish him the best of luck….I guess. I wish I were famous too.

Yo, Courtney Love acknowledges her feminist roots. What’s good?

[via Jezebel]

~Krystie Yandoli, Blog Editor

I would like to name Tila Tequila the ultimate spotlight whore.

I tend to loathe reality TV stars, but she is an exception. She is entertaining because she’s a cute little Asian who likes penis and vagina, but she is an enigma full of contradictions. I tried following her on Twitter for a while, but that stopped after about 5 hours when my timeline was full of all caps messages screaming about her love of her baby, her new music prodigy, and her love of her deceased partner.

She is addicting, but annoying at the same time. So, if you haven’t been reading your tabloids or watching E news, here a brief overview of how this bi- female is the greatest spotlight whore:

1. On September 6th, she was allegedly choked by her boyfriend Shawn Merriman while she may or may not have been drunk. In the case file it said she was allergic to alcohol, but then that was denied. Who fakes an alcohol allergy? That would be tragic. She decided to not press charges and then in November, she filed a lawsuit for $1.5 million. He then filed suits against her. (more…)