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Remember when Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark  was supposed to open on

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Broadway last month? Yeah, we know, it’s hard to keep track of all these extensions. So although it’s not really the protocol to review a show before it opens, we couldn’t wait a whole lot longer. So we moseyed on down to the Foxwoods Theater taking what we were about to see with a grain of salt and taking down an overpriced rum and coke before enduring Julie Taymor’s hot mess express that we’ve been hearing so much about. The consensus? Let’s start with the bad. The music was laughable (as in, laughing at, not with.). Good thing the show is taking a three-week pause and Bono and The Edge are rewriting that god-awful score.  In addition there were large gaping plot holes and characters that we thought were important kind of just fell off the scene. (Too soon for a falling joke?) Oh and of course there was a technical difficulty. We would have been disappointed if there wasn’t. But hey, the special effects were off the charts. If this show ever actually opens it will for sure win the Tony Award for “Best Set Design.” But let me tell you, that is a major “if.”

Check out the preview of the Broadway show for yourself here.

— Amelia Bienstock