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I still kept my old Valentine’s Day card for my secret crush from elementary school. My handwriting was…a little rough, and my words were simple, but at the time, I meant everything I said. Did I love this boy? Well, maybe not. But he did make fourth grade a little bit more interesting for me.

For those who are in love, have ever been in love, or just fell out it it: “Dear Old Love” is for you. It’s a collection of love notes to the ex-lovers and ex-I-wish-we-were-lovers. These notes tell of what went wrong, why it happened, and the mistakes that the writers, and the hopeful-receivers, made.

There are stories that are bluntly mean, utterly hilarious and heartbreakingly touching. Small truths. Big truths. Truths you may not have recognized before, or perhaps you know all too well. Does this all sound a bit contradictory? No more contradictory than love itself. Yeah. Love is crazy. Which is probably why it causes people to say and do such funny things–many of which are hilariously captured here in “Dear Old Love” in just under 200 pages. What happened after these notes were written? Whether there was closure or not, these notes have one thing in common: they come from the heart.

-Vania Myers