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Winter break is coming soon, and it’s time to get friendly with public transportation again. Here are a few pieces of advice and information about the transportation systems here in Syracuse, for those who aren’t familiar with them yet.

Greyhound: I’m personally a Greyhound fan, as I’ve been with these guys since I was a freshman. Make sure to purchase the Student Advantage card in your freshman year if you know you’re going to be traveling a lot back and forth between home and Syracuse. I was stupid to wait to get it this year and didn’t know how awesome it is.

With the card, besides the obvious that it is much cheaper, you also get the benefits of getting the open tickets. This basically lets you get on the bus at any time for that day. If you get lucky and get the beastly buses like Trailways or the new Greyhound, you get more leg room, Wi-Fi and outlets. Also, make sure you arrive at least 30 minutes before your departure time so you get the good seats.

Megabus: As I already mentioned, I’m a Greyhound fan so I don’t really have much to say about Megabus. It’s not that I don’t like it, but I only rode it once. The reason why I prefer Greyhound is because it has more options for stopping points, like going directly to Port Authority in NYC. Megabus doesn’t really have a legit bus station, so it just drops you off at a random area. The bus is, however, rather clean, spacious and big. There’s also sometimes second floor seating, which I want to try. The deal with Megabus is that if you are lucky and purchase tickets at a certain time, you could get it starting from just a buck.

Amtrak: I  have actually traveled by Amtrak only twice, but from those experiences I can tell you that it is very nice and comfortable. The downside to the trains, though, is that most of the tickets are pretty pricey and takes a bit longer than the buses. But if you take the Amtrak, the bathrooms are so much cleaner than the bus, more spacious and relaxing.

Plane: Use Jetblue Airlines. ‘Nuff said.

-Ellie Sul

Travel whore. It may not seem like it, but it’s a term of endearment. At least, it is amongst many of my friends. For us, it means that you’re just that: a whore for traveling. We’re obsessed. We live, eat and breathe it. We’d definitely bang it if we could–most of us have probably tried.

In my lifetime, I have lived in four countries and traveled to about 14. To me, that’s not nearly enough, but I’ve come to realize how large a number that is for many others. I grew up in a multicultural household so I thought traveling was the norm. Traveling to different states within the U.S. and several foreign countries seemed natural.

Once I realized how lucky I was to have those opportunities, I couldn’t get enough of it. The culture, the people, the food…oh, the food. Who could say no to the food? Unfortunately, plenty. Sad, disturbing and true.


As seniors, we get asked a lot of questions. Among them, the one question I despise most is “So…what are your plans after graduation?” Okay, I get that it’s the most realistic and obvious question you can ask any senior, but you know what? It hurts. It feels like getting stabbed in the part where it hurts the most. Clearly, it’s because I absolutely have NO idea. Well, I do have an idea but I mean, I still don’t know.

From what I have heard about post-graduates, I divided up them into five categories: the “All-Around-the-World”, the “Corporates”, the “Internationals”, the “Peacemakers”, and the “Bums”.


This is what they have instead of WALK signs

This is what they have instead of WALK signs

On my recent trip to Ireland I realized two very important things. 1) Leprechauns exist. Many Irish people are just really short. 2) Half the kids who go to Syracuse are Irish and secretly leprechauns, which is why I rarely find a guy tall enough to date my 5’8 stature. Twas a learning experience for all.

We gals started our journey in hoppin’ Dublin, where I officially fell in love with old Irish men. Even when just offering to give me (an obviously lost tourist) some directions, they ooze jolliness. I don’t care if they have beer on their breath. (more…)

A Lecture in the Land of Lederhosen and Beer

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I’m writing this blog sitting in the middle of my friend’s Economic Policy lecture at Mannheim University in Germany. Why am I not paying attention? Well, dear friend, it’s all in German, and my two measly high school German courses couldn’t have prepared me for this. I only remember how to say, “You have a yellow bald spot” and “how often do you shit?” I have a feeling if I used these in class, the professor wouldn’t take to kindly to it. (more…)

Hostel Horrors

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An advertisement in Amsterdam, with some obvious editing

An advertisement in Amsterdam, with some obvious editing

I arrived in Amsterdam this weekend after a bitchingly early flight, eager to take a nap in my hostel. After what seemed like decades of wrong turns, we finally found the Marnix Hostel. The entire building was covered in white plastic and scaffolding. Not exactly the warm Dutch welcome I had hoped for.

Turns out, we weren’t in the 6-person room we booked after all. We slept in a glorified cubicle and shared a basement room with 50 other people. The “walls” were only 6 feet high, and the gap between that and the ceiling was merely covered with a thin layer of mesh. We could hear everything. If someone sneezed, or more often, farted down the hall, we were the first to hear it. Joy. Worse still, everybody’s room key could open any door. (more…)