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Yay College!!

Posted: April 1, 2009 by Nancy Mucciarone in VAULT -- archives
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This is what they want you to think life is like all year round at Syracuse...

This is what they want you to think life is like all year round at Syracuse...

“Hello everyone and welcome to Syracuse University! My name is Nancy and I will be your tour guide for the day! Today I’m going to be showing you the major buildings on campus, a dining hall, a typical dorm room, and, OF COURSE! the Carrier Dome! We’re going to start the tour now, so if you could all please follow me, and stay close so you can hear everything I say. Oh, and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!”

It has begun. College tour season. While it has been two years since I’ve embarked on one of these torturous tours, I got a feeling of miserable déjà vu when I walked by a tour on campus today.

When I first visited Syracuse, it was April and snowing (surprise, surprise!). But it wasn’t the frozen “lake effect” that sucked so bad during my tour. Nor was it the slop they were serving at Sadler Dining Hall, which, little did I know at the time, would be my center for meal times for the next year. In fact, the reason why my tour at Syracuse sucked so bad was not any reason unique to Syracuse – my tour at every school sucked. And why, you may ask? Because of the stereotypical soon-to-be-college-parents.

Now, maybe these parents are suffering from what psychologists call “empty-nest” (when all their children finally leave home,) or maybe these parents are just freakin’ nuts. Either way, here are, in my opinion, the three worst – and don’t even pretend that you’ve never come in contact with one. (more…)