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Rock of Ages,” the touring Broadway musical inspired by 80s rock music, is coming to the silver screen next summer.  Even though the musical only opened on Broadway back in 2009, a film adaptation is already set to debut in 2012.

Maybe I’m biased, but the “Rock of Ages” Broadway show has already received killer press to build up the film, a new rockin’ cast and a sizzling hot soundtrack.  Though I can’t tell if the director really chose this cast based on true talent or just star appeal.  For instance, I’m not sure if Tom Cruise can play a failed, drug addicted rocker, or if Alec Baldwin can play a long-haired hippie bar owner.  I’m sure we’ll find out in due time.


Remember Marcel Duchamp’s infamous 1917, “Fountain”—the French artist took a man’s urinal, turned on its side, and miraculously it was sculpture. But the conservative art show to which Duchamp submitted his piss pot wasn’t impressed. The “Fountain” was never displayed and the original was lost. Today we only have Duchamp’s commissioned replicas to enjoy.

Don't you want to just take a whiff?

Don't you want to just take a whiff?

And then there’s Piero Manzoni—a 1960s conceptual artist, who canned his own waste. He also included every undesired detail: the net weight (30 grams) and the date it hit the tin. Today amateurs repeat his stunt at (more…)