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For most people who have traveled within and around Europe, Ryanair is synonymous with cheap flights. Now, it may add pay-per-view porn to its in-flight repertoire, furthering its notoriety for developing “different” kinds of commercial ventures.

Melissa Locker summed up the idea by Ryanair’s CEO Michael O’Leary best in her TIME article: “Yes, the company that charges customers to check-in online and at the airport, may now be helping customers join the Mile High Club from the comfort of their seats.”

O’Leary originally released a statement about the new “service” to the British tabloid The Sun. He explained that the porn would be available “on handheld devices” instead of the typical viewing options for other entertainment services on the screens placed on seat backs. He compared the service to those offered by hotels. However, concern has been raised over the public nature of viewing such kinds of films during a flight where children might be present.


After catching up with a friend of mine who I’ve known since freshman year, I’m not going to lie– it was pretty awkward. I don’t know how that friend felt about our reunion, but I’m pretty sure the feeling was mutual. It’s sad how that happens. I knew this person since Day One of my college career, through thick and thin, we’ve been through so much together. We knew each other’s stories, secrets, pasts, and goals. We’ve seen each other cry, laugh, get wasted, and even sleep. However, after a semester apart and new relationships, our friendship gradually started to fade…at least that’s how I felt.

Going back to our reunion, I just felt like there was a disconnection somewhere. Usually when we meet, we would always end up just being crazy and hysterically laughing at nothing. We always connected in a way no one else could have. Maybe it was the distance, or the timing, or just the fact that we’ve both matured in different ways that brought this mysterious wall between us.

Whatever it was, this time, we weren’t really laughing. We were barely agreeing on anything each of us were saying and there was just a solid seriousness and remoteness in the air. After we went our own ways, I started to think if we could ever be the same again.  Would we be able to share and rekindle that connection we had when we were freshmen? I’m guessing we might have to try harder, meet for lunch or dinner more, and just hang out in general with each other more.