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I question humanity sometimes, I really do. Two men in Bowie, Maryland are wanted for stealing money from the Girl Scouts after reportedly asking them how much their cookies were. Seriously? The Girl Scouts? You’re that much of a panzy that you have to go and steal from the Girl Scouts? It would be one thing maybe if you stole from a bunch of Eagle Scouts because at least some of them are adult men, but ten-year-old girls, really?

There’s a group of young Boy Scouts that sell their popcorn in front of my store in the mall who literally guard their cash box with their entire lives. Not to mention, they have a really scary lady troop leader who Chuck Norris might even be afraid of. Perhaps, it should be the goal of every Boy Scout or Girl Scout troop in America not just to sell the best snacks in the country, but also to be lead by scary troop leaders. Did I mention she walks around with a walking stick? Bitch looks crazy, but at least she wards off thieves.


You’ve been there before. It’s a Sunday afternoon, you’re at Wegmans, and let’s face it, you’re a little hungry. What’s so wrong about taking a few bites of a soon to be paid for bagel? Call me a fat ass, but I do that kind of thing all the time–have a few grapes while I’m shopping, a bite of a bagel, a swig of a water bottle, it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, right?

Well, according to a recent arrest in a Honolulu Safeway supermarket, it’s kind of a big deal. A pregnant woman by the name of Nicole Leszczynski was charged with fourth degree theft, along with her husband, for chomping on a chicken sandwich and honestly forgetting to pay. Once caught by security, she offered to pay the few dollars the sandwich was worth. She even showed them the wrapper as evidence that she had the intention of paying. Oh, and did I mention her two-year-old daughter was taken away for 18 hours by the state because of this whole debacle?