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 In January 2013, American Idol will be entering it’s 1256th season, and as many of you already know, Keith Urban, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj will be filling the judges’ seats. While two of these judges are easy choices, there has been some debate as to whether or not Nicki Minaj even deserves a place on the panel. To this I say: Who cares? If J.Lo can be a judge, anyone with ears and an opinion can. The more important issue at hand is the amount of singing competitions on television today.

The Voice, X-Factor and American Idol are saturating our TVs for an entire year. There are differences amongst these shows, this is true, but they all essentially produce overnight talent that isn’t sustainable. Honestly, I can’t think of anyone who knows the winners from every season of each of these shows and unless you’re Wikipedia, you probably don’t know either.  I don’t know if it’s just the fact that the fandom of teenage girls is changing or if EDM is truly taking over, but the probability that an actual star will be produced by any of these shows gets slimmer and slimmer with each tweet from Calvin Harris.

At this point, all of these shows just seem pointless. They’re great for ratings for their respective networks, but the people who win rarely amass the type of success they initially seek when they audition. Maybe that would change if all of the winners didn’t seem to be forced into some mold that would fit into our already overpopulated top 40 pop culture. Maybe producers should just let them be who they want to be instead of handing them self-adhesive labels.

-Tenaysia Fox

A few months after the conclusion of NBC’s first season of “The Voice,” runner-up Dia Frampton is starting to claim her fame, with lots of thanks to her mentor Blake Shelton. The mentor relationship Blake had with his two contestants, Frampton and Xenia, was unlike the other mentors. You could really tell from watching the show that he truly believed in their talent and their success. Blake has believed in Frampton so much that he has booked her on his upcoming tour that will begin in February, around the same time as the start of the second season of “The Voice.”

In other big news for Frampton, she has been recording her debut album titled “Red,” which will be released on December 6 by Universal Records. This album includes collaborations with several great songwriters and producers such as Kid Cudi, Mark Pontius of Foster the People, Isabella Summers of Florence and the Machine and Tom Shapiro.

Frampton was known as the lyricist of the show. Because of this, Frampton says this is one of the most raw and emotional pieces of art she has ever put out. Before going solo, Frampton had several EPs under the name of Meg & Dia, a duet with her sister. Here is “My Ugly Mouth” from the EP “It’s Always Stormy In Tillamook.”

-Hayley Isaacson

 “X Factor” auditions came to a close Wednesday night.  The show ended its search for the next worldwide sensation in Newark, NJ, as well as an unnamed town on the West Coast.  This music discovery show is the backstabbing friend of the television crowd.  Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul, both former “American Idol”  judges, are two out of the four judges on the panel for “X Factor”.  So what, they get sick of American Idol, ratings drop, and then they screw over Randy and Fox and go make their own show?  That seems a little harsh.

Despite these inner conflicts, the show has provided remarkable talent.  One of the main differences between “Idol” and “X Factor,” is the age requirement.  “X Factor” has set its minimum age requirement at 13-years-old with no maximum age limit, whereas “American Idol” has an age limit of 15 – 28.  The 13-year-old age requirement has proven to pay off for “X Factor”.  Rachel Crow, 13, has come out of the auditions as one of the front-runners and favorites in the competition.  She won the judges over with her performance of “Mercy”, by Duffy.