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Advertisements are essential to the magazine world. For anyone who’s seen The September Issue, there’s a scene where Anna Wintour is in a meeting with the publishers negotiating on ad space, and you are able to see how much power advertisers have over publishers. Publishers are responsible of making sure there are enough advertisements and editorial content in the magazine.

The ads basically pay for magazines to run smoothly, and often you can tell how a publisher is doing based on the amount of ad space they fill. Since the economy went down a black hole, the publishing industry has been struggling to survive.

Fortunately WWD just had an article about the progress that magazines are making in terms of ad money. Vogue is doing especially well, with the pages up ten percent from this time last year. Elle is also doing well with a 14.9% increase. This is good news because it means the industry is finally rebounding from the crisis and magazines can become lucrative again.

-Nadjma Sako