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Out of all three comments last week, the best caption for The New Yorker cartoon was: “A little x over the not, there, now it reads ‘thou shalt covet they neighbor’s wife’…let’s get to it,” courtesy of Kate.

But only three comments? Come on people, we can all come up with MORE ideas than that! Here’s a second shot: come up with your very best idea for the very best caption possible.

We all know that Jerk readers are such high-browed intellectuals, so submit your caption for this New Yorker cartoon in the comments section, and the winner with the best caption will be featured next week! Ready, set, start thinking!

There is an interesting little bit in The New Yorker this week about a group of Ayn Rand devotees who have a monthly lunch and meeting in Midtown. Here is the choice quote:

I learned from Ayn Rand many years ago that contradictions do not exist in reality.

Wow. That’s a hell of a way to go through life, determined to believe that nothing will contradict the belief system you have adoped.

At least Objectivists tend to be harmless eccentrics, like those bushy bearded guys who hand out Xeroxed socialist newsletters on street corners. It’s not like one of Rand’s inner-circle actually got his hands on the levers of the economy…

Err. Well, no wonder we’re all boned.

~ Shawn O’Donoghue