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Lauren Conrad in sailor costume

Yes, this girl should totally start a clothing line.

Apparently book publishers don’t look for significant, extensive fashion experience when deciding who should write fashion books. Well, at least that’s what it looks like considering Lauren Conrad will write Lauren Conrad Style for Harper Collins, the company announced this week. The blond reality star doesn’t exactly qualify as a fashion expert and her writing abilities are questionable (people wonder if LA Candy was ghostwritten), so how did she do it? Here’s what I’ve learned from Conrad on how to land a fashion book deal (without going through the Newhouse Fashion Communications Milestone):

1.Star in reality T.V. shows. Come on, we all know Conrad wouldn’t be as successful as she is today if she didn’t lust after Kristin’s Stephen on Laguna Beach. (more…)

Tucker Max's words are infiltrating the minds of all ages--including his three-year-old soon. Uh oh.

Tucker Max's words are infiltrating the minds of all ages--including his three-year-old soon. Uh oh.

From crazy rants to drunken texts from last night to “I just made myself a bagel and schmear,” start off your week with “What the Tweet?”

Chelsea Lately: The Hills starts tonight, I’d watch but I have plans to stay home and put my hand in a blender5:48 PM Sep 29th from web

Seriously, My Horizontal Life and Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea both made me laugh so hard I thought I needed an inhaler. Chelsea “midget fetish” Handler is comic genius.

thedailybeast Crossdressing Politicians: An Ohio mayor just lost his election after being photographed in a bra and panties. .. about 1 hour ago from twitterfeed

Oh Eric Brewer, how could you be so dumb? Did you really think that no one would find these? And Check out these other cross dressing politicians.

Tucker Max’s three-year-old is reading daddy’s book, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. Learning to take his womanizing advice already? Uh oh…

~Sam Morgenstern, Asst. Web Editor

Okay, so I couldn’t resist the silly pun in the title. But really, the unfortunately popular MTV show The Hills is back, without Lauren Conrad (I sometimes still call her LC) instead includes Kristin Cavallari. Season 6 premiered this past Tuesday at 10 p.m., but don’t worry if you missed it – MTV airs reruns constantly, so it’ll be impossible for you to avoid a glance at these Hollywood drama queens.

I’ve always leaned towards Team Kristin, so when I found out that she was coming to The Hills, I was “stoked.” I always liked how she was portrayed on Laguna Beach, mainly  because she was a man eater. (Kristin, if you’re reading this, you shouldn’t have ditched Stephen Colletti. Come on, girl!)

My roommate and I agree that she has this way of getting what she wants, even when other girls want it first. MTV has been using this bad girl, backstabbing-beyotch reputation of Kristin’s to advertise this new season, i.e. “The Bitch is Back,” and I think it’s working. (more…)

Glued to the screen

Glued to the screen watching chaos ensue


It started with Jessica. Next was Ashlee. Then Kristin, Lauren, Whitney. Throw a little Britney and Kev into the mix and you had the sad uphill climb of television’s greatest trainwreck that America just could not. stop. watching: reality shows.

As the small screen’s lowest common denominator in terms of quality and creative thought, it’s easy for networks to pump out these shows in bulk and even easier for us to get totally and inexplicably sucked into them. But the most expensive, elaborate, deceptive yet mind-blowingly addictive reality show in history wasn’t just a mid-season replacement – it was a lifetime endeavor. Welcome to “The Truman Show.”