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Syracuse is known for three things: Syracuse University, snow and the Carousel Mall. I’d choose a day of classes with the obstacle of trudging through three feet of snow on the ground any day than another trip to the mall, but let’s not go there. Last year, The Daily Beast named Syracuse the snowiest city in the country with our neighbors to the north, Rochester and Buffalo, coming in second and third, respectively. So, the biggest spectacle in Upstate New York besides watching another losing season by the Buffalo Bills is seeing your house being buried in snow.

But by living in Syracuse the past few weeks you would not even know it’s winter, let alone Christmas time; we have had temperatures reach the mid fifties. But not everyone is complaining–the walk of shame has been less rigorous and it is less dangerous to cross Comstock than it was this time last year. Unless it snows within the next few weeks, Al Gore will be seeking out every global warming skeptic within five miles of the quad saying, “Told ya so.”

The snow this time last December made me reconsider my choosing Syracuse over the University of Denver. But the snow provides Syracuse students with many opportunities, or better yet, excuses. Let’s be honest, some professors do use it as a reason to cancel classes even though they may say otherwise. And for those that live off-campus or in my case last year, Dellpain, it is justification for missing class.

-Brysan Brown

Tucker Max's words are infiltrating the minds of all ages--including his three-year-old soon. Uh oh.

Tucker Max's words are infiltrating the minds of all ages--including his three-year-old soon. Uh oh.

From crazy rants to drunken texts from last night to “I just made myself a bagel and schmear,” start off your week with “What the Tweet?”

Chelsea Lately: The Hills starts tonight, I’d watch but I have plans to stay home and put my hand in a blender5:48 PM Sep 29th from web

Seriously, My Horizontal Life and Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea both made me laugh so hard I thought I needed an inhaler. Chelsea “midget fetish” Handler is comic genius.

thedailybeast Crossdressing Politicians: An Ohio mayor just lost his election after being photographed in a bra and panties. .. about 1 hour ago from twitterfeed

Oh Eric Brewer, how could you be so dumb? Did you really think that no one would find these? And Check out these other cross dressing politicians.

Tucker Max’s three-year-old is reading daddy’s book, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. Learning to take his womanizing advice already? Uh oh…

~Sam Morgenstern, Asst. Web Editor