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I don’t know why, but I feel like I’ve been hearing a lot about dodgeball lately. It’s been a theme in my friends’ facebook statuses, they were playing dodge rock on an episode of the Fairly OddParents ealier (yes, I still watch that show) and, you guessed it, the movie was on this afternoon. (more…)

Last week I discussed He’s Just Not That into You, a movie that turned out to be the typical fairytale that never seems to come true, so this week I decided to pick a movie on the opposite end of the spectrum: The Break-Up.

It’s funny how this movie can be seen so differently by guys and girls. All of my guy friends seem to love it and if you ask them why, they all have the same answer: “Vince Vaughn is the man.” And indeed, that gentle giant is the sole reason I have watched some movies and he made the it enjoyable until the end, but even he can’t salvage a crappy ending.