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“Big overgrown monsters who are always thinking about food” need not apply for these bad boys. Also, “no fatties, no hamsters, no dopers, no smokers, no alcoholics, no Donna Juanitas, no poseurs, and no crazies.”

So who’s your favorite?

Monroe (incredibly blue eyes), Mike (hates smokers), or maybe Fred (Vikings costume)?

If you’d like to see see more of David (looking for “the goddess”) (more…)

Christina Aguilera Candy Man

The epitome of a throwback, pop music style

To celebrate Music Monday, the editors at Jerk bring you a playlist featuring a list of contemporary songs inspired by some oldie genres. These artists have given us some updates on some tunes from all over the musical history timeline, grabbing inspiration from Louis XIV all the way up to the older brothers of the emo kids that dominated the 1980s. These songs invoke not simpler, but older times and maybe your greatest great-grandfather would have listened to a version, but in his day, they probably wouldn’t have a synthesizer. (more…)