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Everyone go clean your room and comb your hair because the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards are on their way here RIGHT NOW!  This year the festivities will be hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and of course I have unrealistically high expectations ever since the perfect hosting of Neil Patrick Harris back in 2009 (soft sigh as I think how he’ll never love me).  But hey, if Jimmy Kimmel can get Sarah Silverman to hang around him for five years then he can probably get me to hang around my television for a few hours.

On to the actual awards!  One disclaimer I have to make before stating my predictions:  the HBO show Veep, starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the Vice President of the United States, nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series and Actress in a Comedy Series- I’ve never seen it.  Frankly I don’t know anything about it really except that it exists.  I feel a little awkward predicting it for anything because of that.  Therefore I will not, so just remember that it’s a thing and is probably not bad.

Outstanding Comedy Series:  For me the two biggest contenders here are Modern Family and Girls.  I know, we all love 30 Rock but as much as it distresses me I have to admit the domination of comedy by NBC is coming to an end here.  Obviously Modern Family is a fan favorite, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it won, but my vote goes to Girls.  It had a great first season and garnered a lot of hype.

Actress in a Comedy Series:  Once again I think it will go to Girls with Lena Dunham winning the award.  Personally my fingers are secretly crossed for Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope, since this past season of Parks and Recreation was by far the best, but whenever I want someone from NBC to win they never do and that’s just something I’ve had to accept.  Sorry, Amy, my support might be your downfall.

Actor in a Comedy Series:  Everyone nominated here is a past nominee so there’s really no clear-cut winner.  Jim Parsons of Big Bang Theory has won the past two years; obviously Alec Baldwin of 30 Rock has his fair share of wins as well.  I’m going to say either the award goes to one of them, or Louie C.K with a win for Louie finally.  Don Cheadle is nominated too but for a lackluster House of Lies so that’s a no. Obviously Two and a Half Men is just circling the drain at this point so I was shocked someone watched enough episodes to even nominate Jon Cryer, despite how great Ashton’s beard looks.  This is Larry David’s fifth nomination for Curb your Enthusiasm and at a certain point you just have to realize the ship has sailed.

Outstanding Drama Series:  Both Breaking Bad and Mad Men had a couple of their strongest seasons yet; one of them will probably pick up the award.  I’m rooting for Game of Thrones but that’s just a personal elf-lover thing.

Lead Actress in a Drama Series:  Claire Danes is really favored here for Homeland and I think that makes sense.  But newbie Michelle Dockery in Downton Abbey is a contender as well.  Per usual, Julianna Margulies is up for The Good Wife, Glenn Close for Damages, and Elizabeth Moss for Mad Men, so the pot of nominees is overall really strong.  That’s all I really have to say about that since all these nominees are good at exasperated sighs and tensing their mouths (an imperative part of drama).

Lead Actor in a Drama Series:  Similar to the Outstanding Drama Series, Breaking Bad and Mad Men are really killing it this year so it would be no surprise to anyone if either Bryan Cranston or Jon Hamm walks away with it.

So that’s it.  Tune into the Academy Awards September 23rd on ABC and marvel at how spot on my predictions are, or laugh at how out of touch I am when The Big Bang Theory wins it all.

-Taylor Kowalski

Meet the Bloggers: Tenaysia Fox

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Hello fellow Jerks, my name is Tenaysia, and I will be sharing my love for good and cheesy television with all of you. I can’t wait to update you on Fall’s newest television series. Here’s a little about me.

Year/Major: Senior Writing and Rhetoric major

Hometown: Chicago

Most Embarrassing Moment: Screaming the words “accept my friendship” at someone that hates me.

Biggest lie I’ve gotten away with: I don’t lie.

A movie I could watch over and over again: Little Shop of Horrors

Any comments, rants or suggestions let me know.

The holidays are quickly approaching, and college students everywhere are trying to lose the weight they gained from Ramen, booze and Kimmel. The last thing anyone wants to do is have to go home and run into an ex being fifteen or so pounds heavier than the last time he or she saw you. So to help everyone who has gained the freshman 15–even those of you who aren’t freshmen–I’ve compiled a short little list of bizarre weight loss solutions you won’t find in the magazines to help you on your dieting journey.

The Color BLUE:

I know it sounds crazy, but it has been proven time and time again that blue isn’t just an awesomely bad Eiffel 65 song, but also a bizarre weight-loss solution. The color actually functions as a diet suppressant. I mean, when was the last time you saw the color blue in a fast food restaurant? The colors mostly associated with food, according to an Indiana University research study, are orange and yellow, while blue is said to be the least affective color for food promotion.

So, if you aren’t into diet pills, or whatever else the Kardashian family is endorsing these days, and you want to lose weight the natural way–along with exercise and proper diet–diet experts suggest supplementing the color blue into your eating habits. You can do this just by eating your food off a blue plate. If you’re really serious about you weight loss, some diet experts also suggest looking into a blue light for your refrigerator.

Also important to keep in mind: calories come in liquid form too. For tips on what Friday night drinks to avoid, click here.


House to Part Ways with Fox?

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While you may be accustomed to tuning into FOX for the network’s hit series House, you may very soon have to flip the channel in order to keep watching. Reports have surfaced that negotiations between FOX and the show’s parent company, NBC Universal, to renew the show’s contract for an eighth season have not gone as planned. (more…)

Puck yes.

For everyone out there who caught the one season genius of “Summer Heights High” and wished for more, here it is.

Australian comedian Chris Lilley is at it again with a new comedy show called “Angry Boys.” It looks about as tasteless and hilarious as “Summer Heights High” with Lilley once again playing all the main roles. Could this possibly be even more offensive then “Summer Heights High”? Well, “Summer Heights High” had Lilley playing a Polynesian teenager, a very flamboyant man, and a girl. “Angry Boys” has him playing a mentally challenged kid and a mentally challenged woman. You decide.

Video posted below

-Ian Phillips


FRIENDS Will Always Make You Laugh

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FRIENDS will forever be a classic television show and is always the cause of some insane laughter. Pay close attention to the 1:45 mark. Ross doesn’t make it through the original “pivot” scene, and I can’t say that I ever do.

Do, re, me, Glee!

Do, re, me, Glee!

Man hug between the two hottest actors on Glee? CHECK!
The president of the Celibacy Club getting preggers? CHECK!
Teaching a football team Beyoncé’s Single Ladies dance? CHECK!

FOX’s scorching hot new show, Glee, aired its’ fourth episode this past week, and what an episode it was. If the title “Preggers,” didn’t make you crack a smile, the opening scene with Kurt (Chris Colfer) dancing in a leotard to Beyoncés Single Ladies must have done the trick. The whole episode was set to the theme of Beyoncé’s music, but no, Kanye West did not interrupt once with, “Yo Kurt, I’mma let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best dance moves of all time!”

Along with a catchy selection of music, which included tunes from West Side Story, Celine Dion, and of course Beyoncé, there were so many interwoven storylines packed into 43 minutes of airtime. Fake pregnancies, real pregnancies, “auditions” to be William McKinley High’s new kicker, club competitiveness, football players patting their own butts to the music, Internet blackmail that did not involve sex tapes, a football team’s dramatic first win, and even coming to terms with one’s sexual orientation evoked laughs, gasps, and sighs of relief this past week. The writers introduced and pulled all the stories off beautifully, but I personally loved the baby mama drama. (more…)