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It would appear that since my last article, the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement is gaining a lot more momentum and a bit more coverage in the mainstream media. This is hopefully a step in the right direction after so much clamor for a voice. The Occupy Wall Street protesters have been going strong since September 17 and this is the first real news coverage of them I have seen, aside from when I stumbled upon their cause.

Now, at this point I’ve mentioned how one-sided the coverage of OWS has been, especially compared to the Tea Party movement. It is interesting to see the difference in reaction to the OWS protests. As of right now I have read figures that estimate about 1000 protesters have been arrested in total from the OWS protests. This is not including the brutality that has been imposed upon the protesters, particularly by one Anthony Bologna.


I was recently informed that my hard-bitten political musings are a representation of me as a writer both personally and professionally. I guess that holds some cause for concern, but the way I see it is if Laura Bush can get away with Involuntary Vehicular Manslaughter, then I still have a decent shot at Secretary of State despite calling Tea Partiers stupid. Oh, you didn’t know? Laura Bush killed a guy.

So, with that out of the way I’d like to move onto another bit of monumental political stupidity that has become so proudly part of our lives as Americans. Apparently, and I did not know this, you ladies out there who have received the HPV vaccine Gardasil run the risk of mental retardation. And by “retarded” I mean the medical, Sarah Palin-friendly sense of the word, not the typical use normally associated with Mrs. Palin.

This striking medical news is according to presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann, who is also well known for enlightening us about the fictitious $200 million a day presidential visit to Asia as well as asserting that slavery produced a ‘mutual esteem’ rather than, oh I don’t know, mass oppression, racial subjection and a belief in genetic superiority.


There’s a curious little ongoing demonstration in New York City, officially dubbed Occupy Wall Street, that you might not have heard about. I personally just learned about this grassroots movement in opposition of Wall Street’s greed, so that alone speaks volumes about how well it’s being covered by the mainstream media.

The protest, which has now entered its eighth day, has no actual attendance figures, aside from the questionable claim of 15,000 made by the demonstration’s own personal website. But, if the videos and testimonies are anything to go on, there are clearly at least a few thousand people taking part in the protest.

Normally, I wouldn’t advocate events like this because I feel that, as a political blogger, I should be writing about my personal thoughts and opinions rather than endorsing a particular organization. However, this is another sad example of the sheer political hypocrisy that I see in our country. When the Tea Party does anything, anything at all, it’s covered in the news ad nauseum. Yet, Occupy Wall Street is clearly not being covered by the media, aside from the occasional blurb. (See for yourself.)


One thing about my political posts you might notice is that they might seem very blunt and almost confrontational. This is not a mistake on my part. When it comes to politics, given the choice between the rapier or the sledgehammer, I reach for the blunt object.

This is how I filibuster.

My reasoning for this really came about during the initial healthcare debates. When I saw so many of my fellow Americans yelling, screaming, enraged and in an uproar, my first reaction was “All right! Finally some outrage at the injustice of the healthcare system.” But no, these Americans were rallying AGAINST reform. Not only that, but these same Americans were also convinced, irrevocably, that our president is the most vile Nazi, Socialist, Muslim, Communist, Black Supremacist, Baby Eater on the planet.