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JERKcast episode 4 is available for stream directly from or you can listen/download here!

This week the cast rants about the things they hate about a school they all love. Lakota describes her run in with rowdy freshmen dissing her sorority sisters. Maybe Charlie could have helped her with his intimidating style of tattoos and tough clothing. But is he really an SU student since he has no clue where Kimmel is? Julia is kind of out of the action since she spends her life at Bird, which is always a distracting place with people skyping instead of studying. After finishing up with wondering where Taco Bell went and why freshies wear cocktail dresses to class, the crew reads and responds with helpful advice to some fan emails.

We record Monday nights, so make sure to get your fan mail, hate mail, stories, suggestions, corrections, and all that good stuff sent to us by then –

Executive Producer: Charlie Ecenbarger
Hosts: Lakota Sky Gambill, Julia Fuino, Paige Schell & Charlie Ecenbarger
Audio Producer/Editor: Victoria Kezra
Producers: Chelsey Perry, Victoria Kezra, Julia Fuino, Melissa Nawojski
Show Recap: Melissa Nawokski

Taco Bell really “thought outside the bun” with this idea. Their recently launched “Drive-Thru Diet” is supposed to make consumers aware of healthier choices, but I can’t exactly wrap my head around any kind of Taco Bell Diet option.

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