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With it only being one of the first few weeks of classes, I can definitely say “‘tis the season for the annual shit-show that is Syracuse University during the first few weeks back.” We’ve missed the tipsy vibe of the campus, the “friends” that we only take Instagram pics with when we’re hammered, and hell, maybe some of us even missed the dark and sweaty frat parties. But what surpasses all of the above in longing are those annual drunken hookups. The “accidental” slip of your tongue into a shamefully drunk freshman in your bedroom at your frat house, or the fun blonde returning to the hockey house to prey on her crush from last year. There’s just something about those first couple of weeks that is seemingly an aphrodisiac. Or maybe it’s the Xanax in the jungle juice at Castle Court. Regardless, there is some unspoken aura surrounding campus like a second dome, distinguishing in all of our not-yet-burned-out minds that it’s mating season. So, by all means leave that fraternity with the shaggy haired blonde you keep calling by the wrong name, or walk the mini-skirt clad freshman home to BBB because I’m sure by October these opportunities will be farther and fewer. There’s nothing that says welcome back quite like waking up next to someone you don’t know, right?

-Deanna Viel