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Peeps lovers unite! Traditionally speaking, Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, this typically religious holiday has also become a day to celebrate none other than…Peeps! Whether green, blue, pink, or classic yellow, America loves its crystallized birdies. This year, don’t just enjoy Peeps the standard way, take your Peeps to new heights. As the title of this post reads, there is such a thing as Peeps sushi, better known as, “Peepshi.” It doesn’t end there. Peeps can also be featured on your pizza or as the garnish to your cocktails; the options are endless.

Peepshi is an easy recipe that anyone could easily throw together this holiday weekend. Fruit Roll-Ups, Rice Krispy Treats and Peeps are the only ingredients you will need. Thinly slice your peeps and place on top of a Rice Krispy bar. Roll up the bar and finish by wrapping in a Fruit Roll-Up, which is comparable to using seaweed with fish sushi. This sweet Easter treat can be altered to include any of your personal favorite candies. Gummy bears, Twizzlers, Sour Patch Kids, or even M&Ms!

When you receive your annual Easter basket this year and find a box of Peeps awaiting you, don’t simply devour them on the spot. Consider all of the crazy, different and fun ways you can enjoy those colorful chirpers. Before utilizing the precious Peeps, be sure to check out this list of Peeps requirements from