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I found this advertisement outside a store on Marshall Street the other day. The store is really appealing to the typical Syracuse University student–a picture of a Keystone Light beer next to soft serve ice cream, I can barely contain my excitement over those two items paired together. A more delicious combo has never existed; I suggest experimenting and making a float. (more…)

Yahoo! Answers: Pregnant, Need Abortion Fish? Plz help.

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yahoo answers tuna abortion

Let’s just hope this woman doesn’t actually reproduce. (more…)

wall This woman is at least 40 years old… Further proof that the elderly  should not be on Facebook. No word yet on how her fiance feels about this.


As of yesterday, Time Warner Cable decided to scrap the idea of implementing the very unpopular proposal of a tiered Internet usage plan. For those of you not in the know, this plan was going to offer Time Warner Cable Internet customers a limit on the amount of gigabytes used based upon each household’s given plan. Unsurprisingly, the plan has hit a roadblock in nearby Rochester, NY where many customers have complained of the new restrictions.

As part of the plan, the Internet service providers were going to offer customers online plans ranging from 5 gigabytes to 40 gigabytes a month, with an additional $1 charge for every gigabyte over the allotted limit. However, one of the major complaints people encountered with the new initiative was that they did not know how much a gigabyte was exactly. E-mails don’t take up much of the threshold but downloads, uploads and streaming video would have been especially taxing on the limits. The metered plan would have been particularly unfavorable for college students, who regularly download music, stream videos, and upload photos. (more…)

Dog Escapes At Airport, Stupidity Ensues

Posted: October 30, 2008 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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"Uhh, tower, we've got an adorable problem here..."

“Uhh, tower, we’ve got an adorable problem here…”

Eight flights were delayed Saturday night at Logan International Airport while airport employees and State Police chased a poodle around the tarmac, The Boston Globe reports.

Sources guess that the poodle, named Choochy, escaped from her kennel while the plane was being unloaded. Employees quickly captured the tiny dog and returned her to her owners.